How to name an album with friends?

Alexandra Bychkova
Alexandra Bychkova
December 19, 2012
How to name an album with friends?

Nowadays, no longer imagine your life without your own page on the Internet. In social networks, users in their profile post not only information about themselves, but also create photo albums. So, on the social networks "VKontakte" or "Odnoklassniki" you can post albums with photos of different subjects: about yourself, about your life, about your friends, about various places where you went on vacation.

Our vacation is always very eventful and rich with events that are captured in photos. And, on returning home, we definitely have a lot of photos that we would like to show the world through the network. And, of course, the question immediately arises before us - what is the name of the album with friends who shared beautifully spent days with you?

Naturally, a lot of options immediately appear, but I don’t want to be considered a primitive person who gives such titles to photo albums as “My friends and me” or “I am among friends”.Here it is necessary to find a middle ground between originality and clarity, and it is also necessary that not only you understand why this album is so named, but all of your guests.

Actually, from the events and you can think of the very name for the album. You can scroll through the pages of friends and other users and find suitable and original names for them. Here, for example, what neutral album titles with friends and girlfriends are online:

  • Albom-Ba;
  • passages from the life;
  • somewhere ... with someone ...;
  • on the other side of the lens;
  • There will be something to tell grandchildren
  • without them, as without air;
  • nervous to watch is not recommended;
  • pieces of happiness and moments of joy.

Young people often come up with original titles for albums with parties and friends. Here are some of them:

  • beautiful sunny days;
  • 92 sunny days;
  • and we lit such;
  • assholes are not alone;
  • no compromising evidence;
  • saw the night, walked all night until the morning!
  • funny guys from the draft board.

If, on the other hand, you decide to just collect the album with your friends and people who are dear to you, then the following names are possible:

  • beautiful and crazy;
  • creative old women;
  • unpredictable;
  • white
  • exclusive people;
  • they make my life brighter.

Each of us wants to place on the open spaces of social networks different from other photos and album names. If you still do not know how to name the album in contact with friends, fantasize or just use our tips.

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