How to normalize the weight of the child

In case of obesity, the child has visible signs of obesity - these are folds in the arms above the elbow and thighs. The main reason for this is overcooking. Excess weight leads to a weakening of children's immunity, the child often catches a cold, there is a risk of developing asthma, his cardiovascular system and joints suffer.

Causes of childhood obesity

Eating large quantities of foods with a high content of calories, the excess of which is deposited in the form of body fat. Such food, for all its caloric content, does not saturate well, and after a short time the child again feels a feeling of hunger. The stomach is beginning to get used to large amounts of food.
Refusal of children from the consumption of healthy, not always tasty products. As a result, in the children's body there is a deficiency of certain vitamins and elements, this leads to a constant feeling of hunger, which occurs despite the large amount of food consumed.
A sedentary lifestyle is also an important factor in the development of childhood obesity.

Ways to normalize the weight of the child

Wean the child to eat on the go, sitting in front of the TV or reading a book, this leads to the fact that, being carried away, the child eats much more than he needs. Avoid snacks between meals, in extreme cases, if it is difficult to refuse, then offer the child fresh fruit. During lunch, place your baby in a smaller than usual portion, increasing the number of meals. Teach your child to leave the table with a slight feeling of hunger.
Limit consumption of harmful products such as chips, sausages, popcorn, salted peanuts, chocolate bars, fast food and soda. Also exclude foods with a high content of sugar - cakes, cookies, sweets, etc. from the diet. Minimize the consumption of high-calorie foods sour cream, cream, butter, pasta, potatoes, ravioli, mayonnaise.
Adhere to the rules of separate nutrition, in one dish, use products that are well combined with each other, for example, cook meat or fish with vegetables and herbs, and not with potatoes. Salads try to fill with vegetable oil.Do not forget that salt-free diet helps to lose weight in the shortest possible time.
Eat vegetables that help burn body fat — carrots, beets, and cabbage. Enter in the diet more low-fat varieties of meat, fish, poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits.
Pay attention to physical activity. Record your child in the sports section or go in for sports with the whole family. Go cycling, skating or rollerblading. Walk more outdoors. Start to visit the pool. Lead a healthy lifestyle with the whole family, and you will never have problems with health and overweight.

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