How to open a car salon

First, decide on the goals you want to achieve: if you plan to just sell cars without carrying out warranty repairs and maintenance, open an auto shop. To do this, it is enough to rent retail space for the showroom and utility rooms and periodically take on the implementation of new or used cars. In this case, your profit will be a trading margin net of taxes, rent and other current expenses.
But effective business requires the presence of regular customers and their regular inflow, so if you are focused on a stable profitable business, build a sales and service-oriented auto, warranty and body repair.
Choose a car brand you would like to work with. Since each automaker requires compliance with the principle of "1 auto show - 1 brand", study the market and give preference to those brands that are not yet represented in your region but are in demand.
Make a business plan: evaluate the market and competition, the strengths and weaknesses of your project and the benefits. Calculate a rough plan of income and expenses, as well as the project budget. Consider the need to attract loans.
Choose a place for your future carsalon. It should be crowded, be in a busy part of the city, but not necessarily in the center. It is desirable that the site can be reached both by private and public transport.
Send a letter to the official distributor of the brand with a proposal for cooperation and the intention to open an auto sales and service If the company is interested in your offer, its representative will come to the place to assess the prospects for promoting its brand in this region.
In case the distributor makes a positive decision on cooperation with you, engage in the collection of permits and obtaining approvals for the construction of the auto center. Find construction and finishing contractors. Automakers require dealers to comply with certain corporate standards, so the project of the auto center will need to be coordinated. Some distributors send their architects to the field to design the project.
Since your construction is a long-term capital investment, you can contact the bank for an investment loan. As a guarantee, you can enlist the support of the automaker. The investment loan is issued for a long term, which allows you to rebuild and equip the auto center, put it into operation and recoup the investment.
Upon completion of construction, purchase and install equipment. Choose a team of professionals: managers, consultants, engineers, experts, skilled workers. Educate staff - the distributor will help you again: as a rule, large companies organize seminars and training for dealers.
Organize an advertising campaign and arrange a presentation of the auto center. Invite as many local media as possible to the event to attract the maximum of potential customers.

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