How to open a farm

Purchase or rent a plot of country land, without which it is impossible in principle to create and arrange a peasant farm. In each region, the terms of the land lease may be different, but the general rule, more or less for all, is the same: no one will provide land for a nominal fee. Private is the owner or local executive authority; for long-term lease of land will have to regularly pay a fair amount.
Collect the package of documents required for registration of the farm. It includes a statement on state registration, a copy of the document certifying your right to use land, the charter of the future farm, documents confirming the formation of the statutory fund, and finally documents containing information about all the founders. After consideration of the submitted documents, your enterprise will be registered and will be able to start completely “white” and legal activities.
Choose those activities that you will develop as part of your peasant economy. In fact, they are already stated in the statute, but there is always an opportunity for a small cost-effective initiative. Meat and dairy direction is more profitable than plant growing (growing vegetables and fruits for sale), beekeeping is even more profitable, but it requires special skills.
Start to realize your plans, while trying to act in a complex way - not to focus on one business or the direction of your activity, but to devote a little time to solving many problems at once. The farmer just needs to use the basic principles of time management in his practice, otherwise he will not be able to have time to systematically implement his plans in life.

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