How to open an account in a Russian bank

In order to open an account, select the most suitable bank for you. The criteria for choosing a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur can be the cost of opening an account, payment for its service, availability of the Bank-Client service, speed of connection and payment for it, proximity of the bank to the company's office, availability of special programs for customers, for example, Salary project "or concessional lending.
As a rule, all banks require the same documents to open an account from a legal entity, but in some credit institutions you may be asked for additional papers. To open an account in any Russian bank, you will need constituent documents:
- copy of the charter,
- a copy of the certificate of registration of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or of the EGRIP,
- a copy of the certificate of registration with the tax inspectorate of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur,
- letter on assignment of statistics codes.
Besides,you will be required to request an order of appointment to the post of director and a copy of the protocol on his election, a copy of the order of appointment to the post of chief accountant, bank cards with specimen signatures of the head and chief accountant. All specified documents must be notarized.
Sign a cash settlement service agreement with the current account number. Do not forget that after opening an account you must notify the tax office within 7 days. Otherwise, you face a fine in the amount of 5,000 rubles.
If you are going to open an account as an individual, the procedure in this case is somewhat simpler. To do this, contact the bank with a passport and select the appropriate deposit. If you want to make a large amount of money in it, then pay attention to savings accounts. They are more profitable, but they limit withdrawals until the end of the bank deposit agreement. If you need an account for regular receipts and withdrawals, then open the “Demand” deposit. It allows to carry out account and receipt operations without restrictions.
As soon as you decide on the type of deposit, the transaction operator will prepare a contract. Read it carefully before signing. Pay attention to all the conditions, because they will determine your relationship with the bank.

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