How to open ports on a modem?

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How to open ports on a modem?

The port is a conditional set of numbers - from 1 to 65535, identifying it. A closed port actually means that your computer / modem cannot accept incoming connections from other users or the server of the program you want to use. That is, only outgoing connections are available. This affects the work of the program as a whole - data exchange becomes impossible.

Why open ports

Open ports are used by many programs, for example, web browsers and email clients, web servers, P2P programs, various online games to be able to play with friends, etc.

Algorithm for opening a modem port

To open a port, you need your IP address to be exclusively white, otherwise the scheme will not work. White IP means that this address is unique on the Internet. There are also gray IP addresses. This means that the address was assigned within a specific network and hidden using various technologies like NAT or Proxy.You can find out information about the status of your address from your ISP, which provides you with Internet services.

In the instructions we give a general scheme of opening ports of the modem. This will most effectively be done through the site configurations of the router, in other words through the site or modem page.

  1. Open any browser and specify the address of your device in its address bar. This is usually the standard address Press Enter to confirm the entry.
  2. A login window opens. Enter your username and password. Standard settings include both a login and a password. This is usually the word "admin" or "1234." Password and login must be recorded on the modem itself. Sometimes it happens that the provider can change your username and password. See the data on your modem. Enter them. If login is not completed, first try all these combinations (login-password): "admin-admin", "1234-1234", "admin-1234", "admin-12345". If the input still fails, contact the technical support of your modem and verify your data there.
  3. In the window that opens, we find the item “Advanced settings” or “Network”. Select the NAT option and then find the string “Virtual servers” or “Port forwarding” (the menu depends on the type of modem). Next, we see the opened virtual server settings window.
  4. In the line "Server Name" select "User Defined". A window opens in which we write the name of the server, or rather the port that we want to open. Here you can write any name in English letters. Put a tick "Active".
  5. In the same window, in the lines about external, internal, initial and other ports, the values ​​of which are not filled, enter the values ​​of our port, which you need to open, for example, 27016 (for the game Counter Strike).
  6. In the line "IP-address of the server" enter the value of your internal address.
  7. If you do not know this address, do the following:
    • go to the "Start" menu, find the "Control Panel";
    • go to the "Network and Sharing Center";
    • click "Local Area Connection", then a small window will open;
    • click the "Properties" button in the lower left corner;
    • in the opened menu in the list we find “Internet Protocol TCP / IPv4”. Left click the mouse twice and in the opened window we see our IP address, for example;
    • we copy this address.
  8. Enter this value in the add port window in the browser.
  9. Click the "Apply" button to add a new port entry.
  10. In the list of ports appear our completed data.Click "Apply" again.
  11. On the site we find the option "Check port". On the page that opens, enter the number of our port and click "Check." The application will show the answer: "Port is open" or "Port is closed."

There are no restrictions on the number of open ports. Now you know how to open ports on the modem.

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