How to open the back door?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
April 19, 2015
How to open the back door?

Have you ever been in a situation where the lock on the tailgate of the car suddenly jammed? Just imagine - you urgently need to give someone a lift or load something into the salon, and the door does not open.

About that, because of what this can happen and how to open the back door, we will tell you in this article.

If the door is frozen

Residents of not only northern, but also central regions of Russia are well aware of the situation when the back door simply freezes to the car. This happens most often with those cars that for the night are not in the garage, but on the street. If you have not opened the back door for several days in a row, then gradually more ice will freeze through it, and in the end the door will freeze. What is the way out of this situation?

  • First, do not try to tear off the door by force. So you can damage both the door lock and the rubber door seals. Try several times to gently press on the door first, and then pull the handle.
  • If the tailgate froze hard, around the contour, it is best to warm up the car and wait until the door thaws and does not give in. If possible, you need to go to the garage or to the underground parking of any shopping center. So the car will thaw faster.
  • If you have frozen only the castle, it is best to use a tool that is specifically designed for such cases. This is the so-called "liquid key". After the door can be opened, it is better to immediately treat it with some kind of protective agent, like WD-40, so that this situation will not happen again.

If the spring came off the door lock

Sometimes it happens that all the doors in the car open normally, the central locking also works, but one door does not open. Usually the reason is that inside the door a spring has torn or flew off. To get to it, it will be necessary to remove the door trim from the inside and either tighten the old spring normally or put a new one.

If the lock is rusted

This happens very rarely and mainly with cars that are rarely used, but it still happens - the lock rusts. Another reason could be poor-quality door grease.Many complain that after processing the locks of the same WD-40, the door stops opening. Know - you sold a fake. Try gently rocking forward / backward or upward / downward the lock latch from the inside. After the lock opens, process it with alcohol and refill with WD-40, but another, new one.

Driver's rear door lock

Some car models have automatic door locks. In some models, it locks all the doors of the car at once, and in some cars only the rear doors. Check if this button was accidentally pressed by you. As a rule, it is located next to the power window control buttons.

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