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How to Open Train Doors

Three Methods:

Generally, you won't have to worry about opening train doors because the train operator opens them automatically. Some trains, however, require you to use a button or handle to open the door. You may also need to open doors to cross cars or to exit the train in an emergency. Just locate the handle or button and follow any posted instructions.


Opening Entry and Exit Doors

  1. Check for buttons or handles on or near the doors.Some trains will have buttons or handles that let you open and close the doors. On other trains, the operator may be the one who controls when the doors open and close. Check to see if there are handles or open and close buttons on or next to the train doors.
    • These buttons will generally indicate their function with text on or near the button such as “press to open,” or “open” and “close.”
    • Train door handles are often either bars that will pivot left and right, or indentations built directly into the door that will allow you to slide it open and closed.
  2. Look for lights or signs indicating you can open the door.Many times, a train will have an indicator light or sign letting you know it’s time to open the door. These are commonly above or next to the door. They may also come in the form of an announcement over the train’s sound system.
    • If the train has an indicator, do not attempt to open the door until the light is illuminated or the announcement has been made.
  3. Open the door when the train comes to a complete stop.If the train uses buttons or handles to open and close the doors, wait until the train comes to a complete stop. Then, press the button or move the handle to open it.
    • Often, train doors have sensors that will not allow the door to open before the train has fully stopped.
  4. Wait for the operator to open the doors if the train has no handles or buttons.If your train has no handles, buttons, or other opening mechanisms, the train operator or attendant will likely open the door. Wait for them to do so. Trying to pry open a train door could lead to injury for you and mechanical malfunctions for the door.
  5. Enter or exit the train quickly.Once the door is open, try to get on or off the train as efficiently as possible, keeping in mind that others also need to do the same. Step to the side of the doorway once you’re through to ensure that other passengers can also get on or off the train as they need.
    • If you are entering the train, allow exiting passengers to disembark, first. This ensures a smooth, quick transit process for everyone.

Using Doors Between Cars

  1. Review the train’s policy regarding crossing cars.Different train lines have different rules about crossing between cars. Generally, your train will have signs or posters displayed if crossing between cars is prohibited or restricted. Be sure to read the posted signage fully to understand if and when you are allowed to go between cars.
    • Some trains will allow you to cross between cars, but only when the train is stopped. Crossing when the train is in motion may result in being forced to leave at the next stop and/or a fine.
    • The same train line may have different rules regarding crossing cars for different train models. Do not assume that just because you’ve crossed cars on that train line before that it is permitted on every train.
  2. Check to see if the door can open.Not all trains have doors between cars. Even if they do, some door may be permanently locked. Check to see if your train car has a door that connects it to the next car. If it does, look for a button, handle, or lever that will allow you to open the door.
  3. Open the door while the train is stopped.If possible, try to wait until the train has stopped to cross cars. Waiting until the train stops means that this is when the train is most stable. This minimizes your chances of tripping or injury.
  4. Wait until the train is on flat tracks if you need to cross while moving.If you cannot wait until the train is stopped, wait until the train is on a straight, flat stretch of tracks. This will make moving between cars easier as turns and inclines are more likely to disrupt your balance.
  5. Use the button or handle to open the train door and cross.Once the train is completely stopped or is on a safe stretch of track, use the button or handle to open the door to exiting the car. A corresponding button or handle will be on door to the next car so that you can get in.

Getting Doors Open in an Emergency

  1. See if any dangers are present outside the train before opening the doors.Before you try to open the doors in an emergency situation, make sure it is safe to do so. Listen for instructions from your train operator to see if there are dangers such as flooding, electrical damage, or other potential hazards.
    • Never try to open a train door while the train is in motion.
  2. Locate the emergency button, knob, or pull.Almost every train has a way to open the doors in the case of an emergency. Most trains will have an emergency stop button, knob, or pull located next to or just above the door. Look for signage indicating the emergency open mechanism. These may read, “pull to open,” or “push to open.”
    • Often, these will also be recessed so that people do not accidentally pull, push, or hit them.
  3. Push the button or pull the lever.Once you have determined the situation is safe, push the emergency open button or pull the knob or lever as the signage in your train indicates. In some cases, this may only open the doors partially. You may have to manually push or pull the doors completely open if that is the case.

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