How to organize a diet food

Eat more vegetables and fruits that have not been heat treated. They supply the body with vitamins and fiber, normalizing digestion.
Do not refuse flour products, they serve as a source of complex carbohydrates. It is only necessary to replace white bread with wholegrain, to buy pasta only from durum wheat and to prefer cereals to potatoes.
Be sure to include in the daily diet of dairy products. It is believed that milk in its pure form is useful only for children, and it is difficult for adults to digest, but fermented milk products are useful for everyone. They colonize the intestinal flora with beneficial bacteria and supply calcium to the body. At the same time you should not try to switch to completely fat-free products, there is some benefit in milk fats. Do not choose too much fat milk or cream.
Prefer fat meat fish. It contains special acids that support skin tone.

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