How to organize a representation

You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - documentation;
  • - room;
  • - budget.
Plan and write down the structure of your new representative office. Specify how you plan to divide the assets for the new division, so that each enterprise has identical rights. Contact lenders and financial mentors. Explain your plan for the division of the company - how, where and for what purpose you are planning to open a representative office.
Create a business plan and estimate the time you need to start a new company. Decide whether you need to hire a specialist to help start both types of businesses. Introduce new employees to the plan, as well as the necessary capital required to start it and explain how you plan to finance it.
Use the successful components of your business to obtain loans and venture capital for production expansion, if necessary.You have come a long way and have gained sufficient experience as an entrepreneur. Indicate this in your plan, and it will play an important role when it is considered by creditors.
Register a new division. Contact your lawyer for assistance in obtaining all necessary papers. Transfer the physical assets from the parent to the new dealership. Mark each transaction in the book of the parent company as income, and in the book of the new division as a debit.
Get all the necessary licenses and permission to expand your business and build (or rent) a new building. You will also need insurance and a tax return.
Allocate some funds from your advertising budget. The new representation will not cause interest among others, until you tell about it in the media.

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