How to organize sales correctly

EachsalesThere are stages. The first is an acquaintance. Do not spare the time and money on the preliminary - correspondence - acquaintance of potential buyers with your product: advertising, PR. The main thing is not to praise the product.salesin superlatives, and to show how with his help the consumer will solve his problem.
At the meeting, show the buyer that he is interesting to you. The primary goal in the first minutes of dating is to help the client openly, speak freely about their needs and requirements. Be friendly, let the guest speak more first than you.
The second stage is the presentation of a product or service. Often, sellers in communication with customers use "speech stamps" - pre-prepared and edited phrases. It is important here that such “slogans” do not contain obscure terms and are used to the point. You must be understood from the first to the last phrase. When building a conversation, be sure to consider the reaction of the interlocutor.The ability to clearly explain the benefits of a product when selling is an important business quality seller. A professional will always with dignity demonstrate the degree of obligingness that is pleasant to the buyer.
An important step - work with objections.
No matter how you describe the merits of your product, the buyer may have doubts about the accuracy, accuracy of the information reported, negative reactions to some aspects of a potential transaction.
There are factors that are not directly dependent on the efforts of the seller in the promotion of goods. These are not only fixed prices, approved delivery terms, but also the placement of a retail outlet, the possibility of additional support for managers and others. The ordinary seller cannot influence these factors, but in the interests of the business it is possible to inform the management about their negative influence onsalesmust.
Remember: Buyer objections can be valuable information for your marketing, production department. Perhaps the sale of goods needs additional incentives (changing packaging, changing prices, selling related products, cumulative discounts, etc.).Analyze all customer comments!
The final stage - the conclusion of the transaction.
It is important to help the buyer make a purchase decision at the time of your conversation, when appropriate signals are received from him. These may be his additional questions, comments to them in the future tense, and not in the subjunctive mood (“Yes, this blouse will suit me” instead of “Yes, this blouse could suit me”). A signal is an interest in details, a desire to get acquainted with the instructions, a clarification of the financial side of a trade transaction. Give the decisive argument in favor of your product at this moment - the most significant argument that will convince the consumer of the correct choice.
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It is useful to learn from mistakes - better on others, and not on their own. It is important to learn from any “trading” situation. Imagine: someone from your family persuades you to buy an obvious trifle. Listen and look carefully at how you are trying to persuade you to buy, and you will get a lesson worth spending on an unnecessary thing!
Helpful advice
The work of the seller almost 99% consists of communication. Hone skills in this field,knowledge of psychology and its laws, improvement of practical skills to establish contact with the customer and feedback from him is a direct way to increase the number of successful sales. The seller is a creative profession. Creativity in sales is a search for new solutions to old problems: for example, problems with a thorough study of their goods and services, the ability to correctly convince the buyer to purchase goods, to competently work with objections.
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