How to prepare for studying in another city

Here you learned that you were enrolled in an educational institution. You are excited, but at the same time worried. Because you are afraid to go to another city. Fear of innovations, changes in your life. An independent life without parents is a real test for students. Someone does not pass it and returns under the parent wing. And those who could "settle down", waiting for a career, love and, in the future, family.
In summer, most students relax with their parents. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to ask "experienced" students about student life. It is important to remember to know how much money they spend per week, how much it costs to travel by public transport and how expensive the products are. It is also important to learn about the climate, weather.
Ask about the hostel: how much they pay for accommodation, how many people are in the rooms, how students are distributed. It may be interesting for you to find out how students spend their evenings and weekends, what interesting activities an educational institution spends.
Find the site of your school, follow the links, take a look. Download a list of your disciplines and read them. Perhaps you have time to read something.
Set yourself up for the fact that study is important to you, that your future depends on it. On the school website you can often find a list of companies that are invited to work after graduation. Read it, dream about your future work. This will set you up for excellent study.
Before enrollment, various seminars and open lectures for applicants are often held in educational institutions. Do not miss them, visit, read the future study from the inside.
On the Internet, find information about the city you are traveling to, read about it, about its interesting places. It will be good if you download a special program with a city map on your smartphone. Then you will not be lost in another place.
Before leaving, get everything you need to study, so that in an unfamiliar city in a hurry not to look for a stationery store.

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