How to privatize an apartment in Ufa in 2018

You will need
  • - documents about the persons living in the apartment and living in it at the moment;
  • - documents confirming your participation in the privatization;
  • - consent to privatization from other persons registered and living in the apartment.
Write a statement stating that you want to privatize your apartment, enter in it the names of all the living and registered people of your apartment, in whose name you also want to privatize the apartment.
Reassure written about the desire to privatize your apartment a notary
Get a certificate of your early non-participation in privatization, as well as collect copies of all your paid utility bills relating to numbers not earlier than two or three months past.
Full package of documents for privatization (identity documents of registered and resident citizens who are already 14 years old,and copies of birth certificates of those who are not yet 14 years old; also copies of the death certificates of the former registered and residing at the address, written consent from all registered in the apartment and the statement certified by the notary to the Housing Fund of Ufa, as well as the Ufa Department of Housing Policy.
Pay all fees and duties to complete the process of housing privatization and get a document called “Certificate of state registration of rights”, which is issued to every member of your family who participated in the privatization of an apartment.
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If one of your family members or a tenant registered in an apartment does not want to be a participant in privatization, when submitting documents for privatization to the Housing Fund of the city of Ufa, you should have in your hands a statement about his refusal to participate in this process.
Helpful advice
To avoid all the "red tape" with the collection of the necessary documents and standing in queues for which you do not have time, contact the special intermediary agencies of Ufa, who will go through the whole privatization process for you, giving you the "Certificate of State Registration of Rights".Before you turn to real estate services, remember that they are not cheap.

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