How can you quickly get rid of the hated dandruff?

On Earth, there is practically no such person who has never encountered the problem of dandruff. The so-called “snowball on the shoulders” is a rather unpleasant problem for you and for those around you.

Remember how unpleasant it is to communicate with a person who has white specks on his shoulders or, even better, these “snowflakes” periodically spill out of their hair at the slightest touch to them. If such a problem befell you, then do not dismiss it, everything can be very serious. How to get rid of dandruff quickly and for a long time - read the article.

What is dandruff from a scientific point of view? It is considered normal if several horny scales flake off from the scalp, but you successfully wash them out with shampoo and do not even notice that delamination occurs. Once a month, the top layer of the scalp completely changes the whole composition of its cells. If dandruff has become noticeable to the naked eye, then action must be taken.

Causes of

  • The wrong choice of shampoos or hair masks. It so happens that the shampoo you choose does not suit your hair type, in which case the problem is solved simply - change the cosmetic.
  • Seborrhea. But seborrhea is a disease. Usually, it is caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, i.e. sebaceous secretion can be produced much more or less, its chemical composition may be affected.
  • Infectious fungal infection. Scientists have concluded that such a fungus always lives on the upper layers of the epidermis of the scalp, but under adverse conditions it begins to multiply at an enormous rate and affect the scalp. Such conditions can be: stress, unhealthy diet, lack of water or B vitamins in the body, chronic fatigue, hormone therapy.

Most often, the problem of the second and third points is combined, they are said to act in a mixed way. It also happens that the presence of white scales - this is not the only symptom of the disease. Itching, scaling and inflammation of the scalp may occur.

How to get rid of dandruff in this case, you can best help a qualified specialist - doctor-trichologist.After all, the initial symptoms can be followed by the following - hair loss, their sick and dull appearance.

Methods of struggle

Before fleeing to the pharmacy for a remedy, we will figure out what special rules for hair care exist.

  • The head should be washed with soft water, check its temperature - it should not be too hot, the elevated temperature of the water will intensify the work of the sebaceous glands.
  • After shampooing, do not keep your hair wrapped in a towel for a long time. Thus, you create a very favorable environment for the fungus - warm, moist and cozy.
  • For some reason, most people are convinced that washing your hair often is harmful. This is not true. Hair must be washed according to needs, that is, as they are contaminated. Just shampoos that you use should be special - for frequent use.
  • Try to dry your hair with a hair dryer as little as possible and use all sorts of styling with the use of pleyok and irons. And if you use, do not forget to put on the hair means for thermo.
  • If you often use hairspray, foam or gels, then after each use you must remove these substances from the hair. If you can not wash your hair, then at least carefully comb.

If you listen to all these recommendations, the question - “How to get rid of dandruff forever?” - will be already half solved. The next step is to get rid of the old comb that you used during the period of acute illness.

Now it is necessary to solve the question, which means will be best used. Perfume shops dazzle with an incredible amount of shampoos and balms, which, in their opinion, will relieve you of dandruff in a week.

But, if you turn to people, they often complain that shampoo, if it helps, is addictive. If you stop using it, then the head returns to the previous state. Why is that? Just such shampoos clean the top layer of the scalp, but do not fight the cause of the disease - a fungus.

How to be treated at home?

Before turning to the purchase of funds, you can try to get rid of dandruff folk remedies. To do this, follow the rules listed above, do not forget to normalize the diet of your diet. For the period of treatment it is better to reduce the use of flour, sweet, very sharp, fatty and fried, we exclude alcohol.

Your assistants will be - fish and seafood, dates, nuts, vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes, bananas, cabbage and carrots. Along with all this, it is necessary to provide antifungal and antiseptic effect on the scalp. This will be done using special recipes.

By the way, dandruff also comes in various forms - it can be dry or oily. Depending on this, it is necessary to take certain measures. If immediately after shampooing, there are many scales and they easily fall off from the hair, then the dandruff is dry.

This is due to the fact that there was a violation of cellular metabolism, the sebaceous glands secrete a small amount of fat, the scalp becomes dry, the hair splits and dims. If immediately after washing, the hair begins to shine, and the scales become large and heavy, then you are struck by oily dandruff.

Such dandruff is less noticeable than dry, but so much the worse. Scales stick to the scalp, feeding on harmful microorganisms, clog pores and sebaceous glands, the skin begins to inflame, redden, itchy.

From dry

Often the cause of dry dandruff is a lack of fluid in the body, so if you restore the water balance, you can get rid of dandruff permanently.

Recipe 1.Heat 60 g of castor or burdock oil to a temperature that is pleasant to the body, add a few drops of eucalyptus. Rub the prepared mixture into the hair roots and cover them with cellophane for 40 minutes. Such procedures should be done 1-2 times a week for 2-3 months.

From fatty

For such a case, too, have a recipe.

Recipe 2. You will need 2 yolks, which you mix with the juice of half a lemon, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil and a couple of drops of eucalyptus. We hold the mask for 30-40 minutes, then wash off with cool water, the procedure is carried out 1 time per week.

It often happens that it is difficult to determine the type of dandruff, so there are many common recipes for all types of dandruff - nettle decoction, aloe juice, table salt and many others.

If folk remedies to be treated for you too long and difficult, you can buy special medical shampoos in pharmacies.

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