How to recognize the social status of men on the first date

The first date - test, evaluation and verdict. Leave it in a friendly? Fall in love? Make plans for the future? Remove from contacts? - not always intuition allows you to assess whether you are a worthy candidate for the first exchange of courtesies and pheromones. My ironic reference book image and status of characters will help to decide whether the gentleman is in front of you for a couple of hours of the meeting.
Ksenia Ferzha image and etiquette instructor, publisher of the aristocratic digest and the encyclopedia of image, etiquette and art of living shares secrets of how to recognize the taste and class of your counterpart on the first city date.
Ksenia Ferzya

According to etiquette, it is customary to appoint the first date in a public place or, as they like to say, on neutral territory: the gentleman does not call in after the lady. That is, no matter how much I want to evaluate the taste and class of a man by the make of a car from the first minutes, it will not work. And for shoes - will be released.

Photo: shot from the TV series "Sweet Life"


Worn to comfort and polished to the shine - no more, no less - shoes - the first sign of a gentleman.


Carefully, before you dandy: such a pair of shoes is not the first or last in the men's wardrobe.

Brogues or derby

Congratulations: a stylish representative of the creative profession.


The perfect symbiosis of mature taste and common sense, most likely, your vis-a-vis belongs to a conservative business environment.


He is probably not business ... or at least not business today - there are a lot of prejudices about people who do business in loafers.
Espadrilles, sneakers, canvas sneakers in the city - your vis-a-vis clearly underestimates the degree of formality of the event


Better than shoes, only a hairstyle will tell about a man. The optimal hair length, which informs the image of its owner, is masculinity and grooming without the risk of being mistaken for a metrosexual, is moderately short, with an open neck.

Neat styling

Hair in front of gentlemen combed back or to the side: do not be afraid of a man who resorts to means for styling (if the tool is chosen correctly, its presence is barely noticeable).

Baby bangs

But fear those whose haircut has not changed from the post-Soviet kindergarten - they remain loyal to the curse of short bangs, because of the fault they look infantile to old age.

Extra curls

Strands hanging in front and around the face, the owners of which are in the habit of defiantly throwing them away by turning their heads, are a sign of indifference to the grooming (one of the feats of the common people).

Bald and cool

Bald head - a steady trend, proclaimed by GQ. On the example of Stephen Covey, Oleg Boyko, Bruce Willis and Fyodor Bondarchuk, it is suitable for the artistic and business scene. The lions of the world arena, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince William, Carl XVI Gustav, Harald V, not complexing, continue to brush the thinned strands back.

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Ok, he can give you a lift after the date, but don't even think about inviting him home. Keep your distance until the third date. On the third you can become tactile. On the fifth, you can allow yourself to kiss. The tenth can be spent in bed. If you do everything right, after the 15th there will be a registry office.

Hundai Solaris, Ford Galaxy, Kia Rio, Renault Logan

Homely sedans look unconvincing: keep in mind that your counterpart can earn money in Uber.

Fiat and Mini

Cars relatively wealthy young ladies - make sure that the car is not taken from her sister or girlfriend. And if not, keep making inquiries - this is suspicious!


Gradually leaves the discourse on the status symbols of the elderly and returns to the category of cool - you can sigh. True, not for long, if your vis-à-vis is just someone's chauffeur.

BMW, Audi

Solid middle class middle age. If the driver does not behave arrogantly on the road, you can count on good manners and in relationships. And if the minimum driving speed is 60 km / h, for a start, buckle up.

Bentley rolls royce

Indicators of taste and class are considered only retro models, produced at least before the English car brands bought German Volkswagen and BMW, redrawing the royal aesthetics under the bourgeois claims to comfort and window dressing.

In addition to attention to external attributes that indicate its consistency, do not lose vigilance at the table! By the way he eats, how much he drinks and what he is talking about, you can predict the scenario of your wedding, honeymoon and the principles of raising common children. If everything is not quite like that of a prince, but courtesies and pheromones have already done their work - take it as it is! Style and manners are grafted and.

The question of how to recognize the class of a man, we also decided to ask the singer Anna Kalashnikova. Recently, Anna became a contender for getting into the hundred of the sexiest women according to Maxim magazine. The leadership noted the lush beauty, literally settled on the main channels of the country. But what men like Anna herself and what does she pay attention to first of all?
Anna Kalashnikova

- I like smart, purposeful men with a good sense of humor, who are able to take responsibility for their actions and in case of anything, provide a family. Many believe that such men no longer exist in nature. In particular, a couple of years ago, after parting with Prokhor, I turned for help to the famous teleswach Rosa Syabitova, who just shook her head when she heard the list of my requirements. She was especially embarrassed by the level of income of the alleged fiancé (about 500 thousand rubles a month). She said that it would not be possible for me to interest a wealthy man. As you know, Rosa was wrong. And in my life for more than a year there is a prince who can not only turn his life into a fairy tale, but also make me a good gift.

Photo: @annakalash

Know where to look

Of course, a decent man on the road is not lying. But, for example, visiting the same business forums - “Transformation” or SynergyGlobalForum with Grisha Avetov, I realized how many positive, wealthy and unmarried men of young age in our country. From 25 to 35 years. Seriously, there come thousands of beautiful sports men, and most of them are free. This is because those who wish to get married successfully, as a rule, are looking for meetings with men from the current list of Forbes, ignoring the average business or startups. What is not quite right, because now the economic situation in the country is such that you can get rich very quickly. On the same bitcoins, for example. So I can safely say that most people look the wrong way. Or maybe they simply have no idea what they need and how to achieve it.


A successful man used to being the leader always and everywhere. See how he talks to the waiter, how he drives, what he talks about, talking about himself. If he speaks in a calm, confident tone, does not boast of money and achievements, this is a really successful man, and not an ordinary poseur.


Also note the accessories of your intended prince.It is in Europe millionaires dress in second-hand and wear Swatch chronometers on their hands, everything is much more conservative. There is money - there is a good car (as a rule, an SUV or a luxury car), an expensive phone, leather boots (not necessarily from a very pathetic brand or trendy, but always made qualitatively).


A wealthy man prefers and care beautifully. Gives expensive bouquets, on the first date can quietly present a bag of thousands for 300. He does not mind. Quite the contrary. As one of my friends said: “I work so hard to go where I want, in the company of the one that interests me. And this is a great pleasure for a man to simply enjoy the evening, and not to think about whether he will be able to pay for dinner and whether the investment will pay off. ”

Do not forget that a decent man must necessarily comply. And this is not only appearance. Although this factor plays an important role in the formation of any pair. Even Coco Chanel was joking that an intelligent woman simply cannot afford to be ugly. On the other hand, imagine what effect a lady would have with the appearance of the Playboy model and Einstein's intellect? I imagine. And in connection with my personal situation, I thought about the degree of MBA. This is top level management.To have something to talk with your man (smiles). And this is despite the fact that I have three higher educations.

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