How to recover phone code in 2018

You will need
  • - unlock utilities;
Use to unlock the phone with special utilities. Their choice depends on what brand of mobile you use. You can find programs for almost any model on the network, so just enter the phrase “how to unlock the phone” in the search box and enter your model. With a fairly high probability, you will find among the appeared links the one where the procedure for recovering the code of your phone is described.
If you are using a Samsung phone, Samsung ALL Unlocker v2.2, suitable for all models, will help you unlock it. You can download this program from the “Service Software” link at the end of the article. If for some reason you cannot use it, try another utility for working with Samsung phones - Paderf Unlocker v4. It also fits all models, it can be downloaded from the same page.
If you use a Nokia phone, you should use the MyNokiaTool utility to unlock it.Before using it, you need to install Nokia PC Suite on your computer; it is on the CD included in the phone package. If there is no disc, the program can be downloaded from the official Russian-language site Nokia.
Connect the phone to the computer. As soon as Windows sees it, run the MyNokiaTool program. In the left part of the program window, click the "Connect" button. In the right part of the window should appear a message about connecting the phone. If it appears, everything is in order, in order to get the forgotten code, you just need to click the "Read code" button. If the program does not see the phone, you can try another, technically more complex, method. His description is in the material given in the additional link at the end of the article.
For some phone models it is possible to unlock by entering a special service code that resets all settings to factory settings. See the instructions for your phone, it can be given such a code. If necessary, look for relevant information on the network.

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