How to remove back pain

You will need
  • - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • - mustard plaster or ointment with eucalyptus essential oil;
  • - painkillers.
Go to the hospital. In order to identify the cause of the pain, you need to be examined by a gynecologist, a general practitioner, take all tests and be examined by ultrasound. After that, it will be possible to judge with accuracy the causes of back pain. If they are caused by radiculitis or other bone diseases, then you can cope with them.
Take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory tablets and similar ointments. They will be prescribed by your doctor, guided by your condition. Some drugs only anesthetize when others repair cartilage tissue. You should not swallow a handful of the first available drug, so you only spoil the stomach. The specialist will be able to give you recommendations that will really help to overcome pain and cure the disease.
Severe pain will help you remove and ordinary yellow card. Put it on a sore spot and hold for 5-15 minutes.Mustard has a warming and irritating effect, which somewhat relieves the condition of back pain. If you do not tolerate mustard plasters, use a warming ointment with eucalyptus, cedar or other oils. Similarly, an electric heater works. But warming up is not a method of treatment, but only a means to somehow alleviate the condition.
When the back suddenly sharply intercepted during physical exertion, it is possible that the vertebra shifted or the nerve was pinched. In this case, help exercises: squats, pulling up on the bar or just ride on your back, curled into a ball. It is possible that these exercises will remove the pain. Well, in extreme cases it remains only to wait for the spine to rise again as it should.

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