How to remove the crown of celibacy alone?

Kate flower
Kate flower
May 6, 2015
How to remove the crown of celibacy alone?

Women, with the exception of feminists, want to marry and create their cozy little nest. But sometimes it happens as if luck passes by - romance does not add up. It is impossible to build relationships for various reasons. But more often, when there is no visible log in one's own eye, the "crown of celibacy" comes to the rescue.

What is the crown of celibacy?

The crown of celibacy is an ancient and still popular superstition that is a defacement or spell that works against successful relationships between a man and a woman. According to legend, the guidance of this crown is considered a rite of black magic, and its removal, in turn, white. According to popular belief, white magicians are not sinners, unlike those who are engaged in black magic.

How to get rid of the crown of celibacy?

To remove the crown of celibacy on your own, you can do the following:

  • Do self-education.
  • Reconsider views of the world, on the opposite sex.
  • Stop trying to think that it’s not at all necessary to work on yourself, because if a person falls in love, he will love any.
  • Carefully examine the issues of makeup, clothing, styling, in general, review your style. Behavior style also applies to this.
  • Stop listening to others and try to feel what suits you, what the men around you like.

If you are not satisfied with this approach, then try a different method.

They say that there are two types of crowns of celibacy: karmic and induced. It is believed that they should be removed in one way, regardless of the type.

Initially, you will need to find out how many years this damage has been on you. Based on this, you can find out how many months you will need to "cure."

In one of the great holy days of the church, begin the treatment of the crown. It could be Christmas, Easter, Baptism of the Lord, Ascension of the Lord and so on. Choose one of the 12 great Orthodox holidays and start.

  1. On the eve of one of the holidays, go to the all-night service.
  2. On the feast itself, suck in the liturgy and take part.
  3. Order forty minutes of all dead relatives.
  4. Put a candle to the icon to which you feel awe.
  5. When you come home, take three sips of holy water and eat prosphora. Before this, be sure to read the prayer.
  6. Drink 3 sips of holy water every morning on an empty stomach.

They say that it takes about a year, but not more than 18 months. If you are interested in this process, you can still read about water programming on the Internet, in order to also drink it during the treatment time.

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