How to replace the rear hub bearing

Prepare the necessary tools: pliers, a screwdriver, a �24� socket head, two pullers - one for pressing out the bearing and the other for universal. After that, loosen the bolts of the rear wheel you want and engage the first gear. Place wheel chocks under the front wheels, then lift the car with a jack and place supports under the rear. Carefully remove the rear wheel on which to replace.
Remove the brake drum, with which the gland, inner bearing rings and outer bearing inner ring will be detached. Extract fromhubs�the inner ring of the inner bearing, and then using the beard and a hammer, knock out the outer rings of both bearings.
Thoroughly clean the internal cavity.hubs�grease and inspect the surface for cracks, chips, wear.At the same time inspect the pads and brake mechanism. If you notice any defect, it is better to replace the damaged part. After that, carefully lubricate the insideshubs�special bearing grease.
Find a mandrel or a metal circle of suitable diameter and with its help press the outer ring into the hub. Do not forget to put in the cavityhubs�about two teaspoons of grease. Similarly, install the outer ring of the inner bearing and press in the oil seal, having previously replaced the inner ring. Remember that the gland must be changed with each removal, do not save on it.
Place the brake drum in its place and install the inner ring of the outer bearing. Do not forget to pre-wipe and lubricate the axle. Tighten washer and nuthubsthen install the wheel and adjust the bearings.

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