How to roof

First of all, determine what materials and tools you will need for work, stock up on them - in the process of work there will be no time to be distracted by the search for the missing. It is also important to choose the right time to work - an unexpected rain can cause irreparable damage.
If you are going to replace the old coating on the roof - inspect the rafters and crate, determine which of their parts will need to be replaced when they overlap.
When installing the coating "Ondulin" or similar soft roof, you can not remove the old coating, and sew a soft roof right on top. In all other cases it is necessary to remove the old roof and the fasteners left from it. Replace damaged or requiring replacement parts of the batten or rafter.
If you cover a newly built roof, check again, with the help of stretched twine, that the battens of the battens are in the same plane. If necessary, use the pads to correct them.
Then you can proceed to the installation of roofing.It is necessary to cover the roof from the bottom row, from the left or right corner, so that the first sheet does not require cutting, and each subsequent element overlaps the previous one by 1-2 waves, and the top row overlaps the bottom centimeters by 15-20 and the slope of the roof).
Mount the first sheet with a special control over the slope, in case of its improper laying it will result in the skewing of the entire coating. Extreme sheets on dvuh-and chetyrehskatnyh, as well as hip roofs that require cutting, set in the last place.
To simplify the process of fixing the coating, it is desirable to tighten the string, so that the fasteners (nails or screws) are easier to put in a straight line.

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