How to schedule food

Set yourself up for success

Awareness of why you want to eat properly and according to the regimen can help make changes to a set of habits. And if you write a list of these reasons, this list can be a good reminder in moments of disappointment. The development plan for new habits includes long-term and short-term goals, however, as well as your ideas for overcoming all kinds of barriers to success. Start with small, short-term goals that will not be difficult to achieve. It will be easier to continue in a good mood, if there are already small achievements, but achievements.

Biorhythm - the secret of proper nutrition schedule

The secret to a good meal schedule is to understand how your body's internal clock is tuned, i.e. what are your biorhythms. Each person has his own specific pace of life and the body’s readiness to eat is directly related to the time at which a person usually awakens when he begins to be active, when he rests and, finally, when getting ready for bed.If you are accustomed to waking up no earlier than 11 am, you are unlikely to be tempted to have breakfast at 11:30. However, by dinner your appetite will probably already be quite good, and for dinner you will arrive exactly without any delays. Fans of rising sunrise, on the contrary, have a wonderful appetite in the morning, but they can forget about dinner at all.
Start the day with protein foods. Breakfast should be rich in proteins. This will help get enough energy and is guaranteed to delay the feeling of hunger until the next meal. It is believed that breakfast is best not earlier than 8 am and for 1 hour after waking up. If you wake up much before eight in the morning, then drink a glass of water, do exercises, take a douche in order to delay breakfast closer to the specified time.
Eat at the same time every 3-4 hours. This will help control your appetite. For the organization of such a fractional food can be distributed in time, the reception of the set of dishes that you usually eat for lunch, for example. First - the salad and the first dish, after 3 hours, eat a second course. Drink more water during snacks. Water removes toxins from the body.
Lunch at lunch is an important point of the meal schedule. It is at lunchtime you can afford the largest amount of food, because The average daily peak of gastric acidity is observed in the middle of the day. Lunch need to spend up to 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Have dinner no later than 8 pm Eating after 8 pm overloads the normal function of the pancreas and blocks the release of melatonin, which is necessary for a healthy sleep.

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