How to sell a used fur coat

Commission shop. This kind of implementation comes back into fashion. Conditions specifically makes the store. However, the amount does not always coincide with the expected. Yes, and there are similar shops only in large settlements.
Ad. You can place an ad for sale in various ways. For example, to place an ad in a newspaper or on television will cost you a lot of money. If you decide to personally post a similar announcement at stops, at the subway, at the entrance, you will spend time, but save money. Plus on sale through the ad - you set the price yourself and communicate directly with the potential buyer.
The Internet. Modern way of selling used goods. It is necessary to take into account, the main mass present in the world wide web is the youth. But there is an opportunity to offer their products not only in their hometown.
Selling through friends. Tell your friend how much you want to sell.fur coat.

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