How to sell an apartment in 2017

Decide on the price tag. If money is needed as soon as possible, then it is better to sell housing at the average cost of similar apartments, similar in size and number of rooms. However, do not underestimate too much, as your ad will be suspicious and you may be mistaken for a fraud. If you have time and do not hurry with the deal, the price can be inflated slightly, and then gradually reduce it until the potential buyers are announced.
Limit yourself only to the general characteristics when describing an apartment in an ad, without focusing on the details. Some features of your home, which you find advantages, may, on the contrary, seem like disadvantages to some: for some, a kindergarten in the neighborhood is convenient and time-saving, for others - just noise in the morning. The less similar details you specify in your ad, the wider the circle of interested buyers will be and the more phone calls will follow from them.
Put the apartment in order. Spring cleaning will make it more attractive for buyers.In addition, you should get rid of excess furniture - the smaller it is, the more spacious the rooms will look. But to do an apartment renovation before selling it is not at all necessary, if only it is not in a very pitiable state. New tenants often immediately after settling in the apartment rework for themselves, so your efforts may be a waste of time and money.
Take care to correct the shortcomings of your apartment. If neighbors flooded you from above, get rid of traces on the ceiling - they can scare away potential buyers.
Place an ad for the sale of an apartment in the fall or spring. At this time, real estate prices rise, and you can get additional profit from the transaction without any additional effort and cash investments. And do not forget to attach at least a few photos to the ad - it will attract attention and increase the number of responses.

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