How to shoot a guy?

The perfect date - the dream of every girl. But a date with a guy who is bored to death with his “snares” in your direction and does not understand any hints is very far from the ideal. Suppose you sent such a subject to hell, but he is not going to these places and is not going to. How to pull out a guy-sticky in ways cultural and not very.

If you are wondering how to shoot a guy off beautifully and with “special effects”, then the following tips will be useful to you:

  1. Pretend to learn. If you came on the first date with the guy, realized that he is extremely far from your dream, and it didn’t work out of the second meeting, scare him away with knowledge. Come to a cafe or park with a book on quantum physics or existential philosophy and read the whole evening, disconcertingly interrupting conversations. Make a scandal when he tries to get your attention.
  2. Pretend to be a "soldier" in the fight against world problems. Dissolve hair, wear cheap jewelry. Ardently tell your fan about the invasion of aliens, the world domination of the Americans and the overpopulation of the planet.Say that in a couple of months you want to volunteer to join the Red Cross or Greenpeace army to save dying children in Africa or endangered species of bark beetles in tropical forests. From the hippie girl, some guys run off without even ending the date.
  3. Pretend to be a "boyfriend." Pull one cigarette after another, drink beer from the bottle neck, cover the waiter with obscenities. If you know what his parents are doing or he himself is great. State that you hate the military if his dad is an officer, and housewives are considered lazy hens. Imagine, show the guy the most terrible ideas about women, and he will run away, flashing heels.
  4. Pretend to be a fanatic. Choose yourself any religion - Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses and convince your companion in all the postulates of the chosen faith. If you argue - take offense deadly. If he keeps silence - blame the fact that he doesn’t care and that God / Allah / Cthulhu will punish him, and he will burn in hell.

A lot of psychological aids have been written about how to “shoot down” a guy culturally. If you and a guy had a couple of dates, and it became clear to you that this candidate does not suit you,use banal standard phrases like: “It's not about you, it's about me”, “I'm not ready to meet anyone yet”, “I need more personal space”. If the relationship has been quite long, it is better to polish the guy politely, explaining honestly and firmly the reason for his unpleasant decision.

In order to otshit guy, roughly or softly, there are a lot of tips experienced ladies. For example:

  1. Meet the guy with mom. Or tell me you want to introduce him to her.
  2. On the first date, talk about a wedding, children, bridesmaid dresses, and so on.
  3. In the restaurant, order the most expensive food, and then refuse, referring to the fact that you do not want to eat. For any questions, take offense with the words "Do you feel sorry?".
  4. Be late as much as your conscience permits. And then another 10 minutes later. Apologize each time with tears and assurances that this will not happen again.
  5. Immediately start calling it diminutive words. Choose the lack of his appearance and turn it into a lisping epithet: hippo, puzatik, big-eyed, zubastik, hairy hair - everything fits.
  6. If the guy is your friend and hopes to move on to boyfriend status,Start discussing with him your fictional and real lovers: with whom it is better to stay, whom it is better to “unleash on money”, and who is so bad in bed that you have to forget it as soon as possible.
  7. If the case goes to sex, and you do not know how to get out, ask the guy to undress. When you see his penis, start laughing, pointing with your finger. The words "What a fat / ugly thin / hunchback / small / funny!" The method is cruel, but true. You will not see him next to you.

If you want to send a guy by SMS, then you need to clearly and definitely choose the words for the message. It is necessary to write firmly and definitely, so that the addressee has no doubts about your break.

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