How to stop eating at midnight


Be sure to have breakfast

The daily ration must consist of a hearty breakfast, a full nutritious lunch and a light dinner. Starting to eat correctly the effect will be in a couple of days - you will forget about midnight eating.

Watch portions

There is a need in small portions. It is recommended to divide the entire volume of food into small portions. With snacks, with a slight feeling of hunger, you can eat fruits, nuts or dairy products.

Drink water

Drink a glass of water, feeling hungry. Only after that, if you also want to eat, you need a snack. In the evening you can drink tea without sugar, kefir or milk.

Light dinner

Dine only light foods. It is recommended to eat fruit or vegetable salad, dairy products or cottage cheese. You do not need to give up the evening meal, so that you do not want to walk to the refrigerator at night.


Do sports in the evenings. It is enough to do a few simple exercises: bending, shaking the press, squats. You can take an evening walk or jog. Such activities will help reduce appetite and not constantly thinking about food.

Eliminate stress

If possible, it is necessary to overcome the problems pushing you to the refrigerator.

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