How to stop the fall of sight

If your job is computer related, try to follow certain rules of preservation.of view.Place the computer monitor at a distance of 50-70 centimeters from your eyes. Use only modern LCD monitors and do not forget that the room in which you work should be well lit.
Try to eat foods enriched with vitamins A and D. Carrots and blueberries are especially good for eye health. Do not forget about the special complexes of vitamins to improve severity.of view. You can buy them in almost any pharmacy.
Try to periodically do special exercises for the eyes. After each hour of work at the computer, perform the following exercises: - Blink some time with your eyes;
- press your fingers on the closed eyelids and hold them for 15 seconds, repeat this exercise 4 more times with an interval of one minute;
- zazhmurite eyes for 5 seconds, after a few seconds, repeat this exercise again, do it 7 times;
- within two minutes with your eyes closed, draw various shapes, such as a figure eight, square, circle, or simply move your eyes from corner to corner;
- periodically look at objects that are at different distances from your eyes: first, for a few seconds, look at the object that is near you, then turn your eyes to an object located at a greater distance from you, then pay attention to the first object again. Repeat this exercise several times.
Performing these exercises, you need to follow the following recommendations: be sure to remove the glasses before doing exercises for the eyes. Moving from one exercise to another, let your eyes take some time to rest, covering them for a few seconds.
Well, lastly, be sure to visit an oculist and check your eyes every six months.

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