How to strengthen the family

Someone calls this the �salt of being�, someone - passion, someone - a life filled with emotions and impressions. When this �something� disappears, family relationships need a global reboot. They need to be refreshed, give them impetus and, thereby, strengthen the family. Let's try to figure out how to do it.
When couples come to the first consultation with a family psychologist, they are asked to confess what they really want: to maintain relationships or to part with the least loss for themselves and their children. We assume that you are in favor of marriage. Then let's get started.
The first and most important thing you need to do is realize that you are ready to live with your partner all your life, at least in the present state of affairs. Moreover, it is much easier to declare this in the heat of the moment than to give a balanced answer �yes�.
Once you realize that the person next to you is the most dear and beloved, everything will become much easier. You have nowhere and no reason to run, to seek a better life and happiness beyond the �seven seas�.
The next task is to unite interests. This is possible, even if you are too different. After all, for some reason you have chosen each other. Go to the movies, hiking, dancing. Draw, build, walk with the dog. Travel, swim, lie on the couch. Anything, if only you were fun and interesting with each other.
And you should have a common goal. Suitable as a household (to make repairs, build a cottage), and highly spiritual (to know God, to find the meaning of life). A prerequisite - the goal should really inspire you, prevent you from sleeping at night and make you constantly be in dialogue with each other.
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If the proposed ways to strengthen the marital union seemed too difficult for you, we hasten to console you: in the event that you cope brilliantly with at least one of the tasks, family life will become much more harmonious, and you will feel much more confident and happier.

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