How to succeed in business, breaking all the rules

Give up forced "positive thinking" and "motivation." Consider building a base for positive self-esteem, real-life plans and funds that will determine the implementation of specific goals.
Stop worrying about “innate talent” and other people's opinions about your abilities, IQ and inclinations. Your decisions and dedication have an immeasurably greater impact on your future.
Do not make excuses for lack of education, do not feel lower than those who have a diploma. There is plenty of evidence that you can reach absolutely any heights inbusinessnot having not only higher, but even complete secondary education.
Evaluate your knowledge and skills to the maximum and do not be shy about informing others about it. Even people are very talented and intelligent, but at the same time humble and meek too often go unnoticed and underestimated.
Do not allow yourself to be timid and meek. Self-confidence and activity are repelled by far fewer people than attracted, since the majority prefer to communicate with an absolutely convinced person in their views.
Forget about creativity in the usual sense of the term, focus on what has proven itself many times.
Reconsider perceptions, failures, and successes. Take up "testing" - look for what is easily and naturally given to you, can lead in the desired direction. Do not be afraid of the label of the "man who retreats."
Become your own consultant, because experts are wrong more often than they are right in questions about where, when and how to invest money. The Wall Street aces are just as curious as we are.
Learn to create situations in which the chances of a successful accident appear more, and good luck will smile at you.
Keep your success oriented at an accelerated pace. Although people with symptoms of high-speed fever pay the maximum, this is the secret of their great achievements. Most of us work much slower than they should.
Erase the line between "work" and "pleasure" as much as possible. Whenever possible, combine business with pleasure.
Do not rely on cutting-edge technology. Ask yourself: does this technique work for you or against your interests?
Learn to stand out from the crowd in any positive way. Be prepared to take on unqualified work with a zeal and zeal that no one has ever seen.
Properly select customers and carry out periodic "cleaning" to make room for ideal customers. Such a rotation will ensure the profitability of the business, increase productivity, reduce the likelihood of office conflicts and provide peace of mind.
Apply different strategies. With an opportunity, speed and speed are the only way to get rich. People thorough and persistent do not always win the race.
Stop making excuses for lack of money. The need to break through the way up, and not access to big money, mobilizes all forces.
Do not focus on the uniqueness and originality of the idea or product - in itself it does not make you richer. The main thing is a well-thought-out combination of a new idea, “history”, marketing, advertising and distribution.
Forget about the generally accepted rules of trade, distribution and marketing. Think of completely different methods to bring the product closer to customers in order to get the most out of working with former customers.
Make every effort to avoid mistakes, but do not achieve this at any cost. Benefit from miscalculations - for the sake of great achievements, you must put up with your mistakes. Create an atmosphere in which your subordinates will not be afraid to admit a miss.
Do not be afraid to make changes, even when everything works without failures. Try the opposite way of working and evaluate the result. Accumulated experience should not exclude experiments.

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