How to take a big loan

Collect all necessary documents:
- completed application form,
- passport,
- certified copy of employment record,
- certificate of income in the form 2-NDFL or in the form of a bank,
- A document confirming registration at the place of stay (if there is a temporary registration). The bank has the right to demand additional documents.
Find guarantors or co-borrowers. Most banks issue loans without guarantors only up to a certain amount. For comparison, in Sberbank the maximum amountcreditwithout security - 750,000 rubles, attracting guarantors, you raise the possible loan amount to 1,500,000 rubles. A spouse may act as a co-borrower. In this case, the total income of both family members is taken into account. The role of a guarantor can be taken by any person who meets the requirements of the bank: age of 21 years, work experience of at least 6 months at the current place of work and at least 1 year of total seniority for the last 5 years, age at the end of the loan agreement for women - 55 years, for men - 60 years.As a guarantor, only the person whose income level will allow you to pay in full will be accepted if you for some reason stop doing this. A legal person can also become a guarantor. For example, some companies are ready to issue a guarantee for their employees.
Loan secured. Find guarantors is not so easy, but there is an alternative - a loan secured by property. As a rule, commercial or residential real estate acts as collateral, less often - a piece of land. The loan amount usually does not exceed 70% of the value of the pledged object. For registrationcrediton the security of real estate, in addition to the documents listed in the first paragraph, you must also provide documents for an apartment or other object that will act as collateral. Unfortunately, not every bank issues a secured loan. Nevertheless, it is more profitable for the bank to issue loans on behalf of individuals or legal entities.

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