How to tie eggs with beads?

Beautiful and original crafts are obtained by using beadwork. Any type of beads of different colors from which trees, animal figures, flowers are collected will work for work. Beaded jewelry is good for its originality. Linked or woven according to the same pattern, but different masters, beadwork will never be the same. Handicrafts made of beads became fashionable and firmly occupied their position. Brooches, pendants, pendants, ties, earrings, bracelets, bags, key cases, cases for phones and glasses, etc. Gifts made using the bead weaving technique are appropriate for any occasion and for any person. A special position in the works of masters is given to the eggs. However, not everyone knows how to braid eggs with beads beautifully and correctly.

Materials and tools

In order to braid the egg with beads, we need beaded needles and scissors. From materials you will need beads, monofilament, fishing line or thin wire, egg harvesting.

Beads can be taken monophonic, colorful, one color, but different shades.Bead producers took care of its diversity. At the training stage, you can choose large beads of Russian, Ukrainian or Korean production. For professional works, bead number 10-11 produced by the Czech Republic is more suitable. For highly artistic work it is better to use Czech jewelry beads.

For storage of beads use small boxes or boxes from CDs, divided by partitions into parts. It is much easier and faster to collect beads from a shallow container than from a deep one. Weaving machines or weaving can be used. Decorate eggs, beaded with pearls, ribbons, glass beads. Even as decorations are very popular Easter eggs from beads.

Basis for braiding

Egg blanks can be plastic, wooden. Even a regular egg can be the basis of work. Billets are purchased separately. Ordinary testicles of kinder surprises also fit. Standard size of preparation 6 cm.x4 cm.

Before using ordinary eggs, it must first be prepared: release the contents, dry, fill the shell with sand or salt, closing the hole with plastic material. You can, for example, use wax.And you can generally fill the shell with paraffin. Since after cooling the volume of paraffin will decrease, the procedure will have to be repeated once or twice. The egg after such processing will be strong, and you can work with it without fear of breaking the fragile structure.

Artists use acrylic paints or aniline dyes to dye eggs. In the absence of special dyes, nail polish is also suitable. If you really want, then the color can be made by strips or any pattern. When using nail polish to dry the workpiece will have about a day.

Operating procedure

To understand how to tie eggs with beads, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions offered on the Internet and special literature. There are three stages of work:

  • the performance of the middle part or belt;
  • interlacing top;
  • interlacing bottom.

The last two stages can be interchanged, but the middle part is the first to weave. It usually happens with an ornament or pattern. First, they thread the thread at different ends into beaded needles, tie knots under the ear, then weave a chain of an even number of loops. How to weave a chain and braid the whole egg, you can see. Gradual joining beads one by one, tying in one direction and return to the previous bead.The belt is fastened around the egg so that it fits tightly around the blank. After that, mark the contours of the belt with a pencil so as not to deviate from the initial position.

Top and bottom weave about the same. In each row, the work width decreases gradually. You can put the next row of beads of smaller diameter, then the number of beads will not have to be reduced. If beads of the same size, instead of two beads, they sew one in two places. In any case, you have to try everything on the workpiece. Sometimes it is enough just to tighten the working thread. Hiding the threads in the adjacent three beads so that the ends are not visible. The last row ends with one or two or three beads, tightened and fastened with a knot. It is impossible to describe in detail each action for a particular work, since each work is unique.

Eggs for Easter

A wonderful gift for the feast of the radiant resurrection of Christ will serve Easter eggs made of beads. A unique gift, charm, a wish for good, peace and prosperity - all in one small egg. They are distinguished from ordinary eggs woven over with beads by the theme of an ornament or pattern.

In the quality of the image on Easter eggs, crosses, faces of saints, domes and images of churches, other Orthodox or Catholic themes are used. Bead can braid only part of the egg or decorate its individual fragments with a bead image. For eggs, you can come up with ornaments and weave them separately. For Easter eggs, baskets and bowls, small crosses on chains attached to the main pattern or attached in another way are relevant.

One way to braid an Easter egg with beads is described. Egg decorating options are plentiful. From the abundance of the proposed schemes, you can choose works for masters and beginners of beadwork.

Wonderful works are obtained from small beads. Works of masters resemble the famous Faberge eggs. An egg decorated with lily of the valley can be found. Various online communities, forums and blogs explain how to weave eggs from beads, product diagrams also provide.

Variants of schemes and works

As an option, they offer beading of eggs with beads in the form of a grid. The work is available to play even for a beginner, and the beauty of the product is amazing. All that is needed for this: a little patience, simple tools and materials, taste and time.For every household, relative or loved one, you can choose your own beads, color scheme, type of pattern and even the base material. Before you begin, the egg can be painted in the color of the beads for the main pattern or give it a contrasting shade. The choice of the shape of the blank, the color of the base, the color combinations of the beads, the pattern - it all depends on your taste, imagination and possibilities.

Blindly follow weaving patterns are optional. You can replace the beads with a different, different from the one proposed in the scheme, use Russian instead of Czech, instead of monofilament, fix the beads on a thin wire, the finish can be attached with the help of white glue. Then, instead of the option proposed to you, you get a completely unique author's egg.

In beadwork, Easter eggs are one of the best base materials, because you can come up with a variety of jewelry options that will please the eye on bright Easter. It is also important that the work brings pleasure and brings joy. The aesthetic pleasure of contemplating the result will outweigh all the difficulties of the work.

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