How to translate American clothing sizes

You will need
  • - the main measurements in centimeters (chest girth, hips, waist);
  • - American size marking system.
Write the correspondence table of the Russian and American sizes: the sixth one corresponds to the Russian fortieth, the second is followed by an increase of two in both systems. Thus, correspondences are obtained: 40 - 6, 42 - 8, 44 - 10, etc. Be guided by these data when choosing a dress, coat, blouse, jacket.
Measure the waist circumference, hips and chest for the correct determination of the size of the female upperclothes, as well as to determine the size of trousers, dresses, jackets and blouses. Measure the chest circumference at the most prominent points, with a free-fitting measuring tape (also measure the hips circumference). Waist should be tightly covered with a tape.
Make a table of your individual and American sizes.clothes: The circumference of the chest 85 - 86.5 cm (waist - 65-66 cm, hips - 91.5-92.5) corresponds to size 4; chest girth 87.5-89 cm (waist - 67.5-68.5, hips - 94-95.5) - size 6.
Determining furtherdimensionsadd 2.5 cm to the previous value in centimeters and two units to the size. Thus, the chest girth of 87.5 + 2.5 (No. 8 - 90 cm) will correspond to the size of 6 + 2, the size gap also remains 1.5 cm, that is, for No. 8 - from 90 to 91.5 cm. Almost The same system also applies to waist and hip girth: 2.5 cm size, backlash for the hips - 1.5 cm, and 1 cm for the waist. Thus, for No. 8: hip girth 94 + 2 , 5 = 96.5 cm, backlash - from 96.5 to 98 cm; waist circumference 67.5 + 2.5 = 70 cm, play - from 70 to 71 cm.
Adjust the size table for small stature (from 150 to 160 cm): reduce the chest girth by 1 cm, the waist and hips girth by 1.5 cm. Thus, No. 8 corresponds to the measurements of 89-90 cm, 68.5-70 cm , 95.5-96.5 cm. The size step remains the same - 2.5 cm, and the backlash is less: 1 cm for the chest and thigh girth, 1.5 cm for the waist girth.

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