How to treat hormonal failure

Any imbalance of the hormonal system threatens not only unpleasant state of health and fatigue, it is fraught with much more serious consequences, ranging from the development of diabetes and ending with the rapid growth of cancer cells. Therefore, it is important to treat hormonal failure, but it is dangerous to self-medicate.
With the appearance of characteristic symptoms, it is important not to postpone a visit to the general practitioner, and for women also a gynecologist. To make an accurate diagnosis, blood tests will be prescribed (general and for hormones), after which the doctor will be able to determine which hormones should be adjusted and prescribe the appropriate treatment.
In order for the treatment of hormonal failure to be effective, it is important to get rid of the factors that caused it. With obesity and malnutrition, you should adjust dietary habits and bring weight back to normal. If the impetus to failure was a diet - you need to abandon it as soon as possible.Sometimes hormonal imbalance occurs against the background of prolonged stress. In this case, there is a need to visit a neuropathologist and a psychiatrist to rid the body of a stressful situation.
Good results and has the treatment of hormonal failure folk remedies. Doctors often combine drug therapy with the use of decoctions of herbs (sage, oregano, hops), but it is the doctor who can prescribe a specific herbal collection and how to use it. Otherwise, herbs will only exacerbate the situation, so self-treatment is fraught with consequences. If you properly treat hormonal failure and follow all the recommendations of the doctor, the disease retreats and more, as a rule, does not return.

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