How to treat too heavy periods

Abundant menstruation. Causes and treatment

In a woman at the very beginning of the menstrual cycle, spotting is quite abundant, then they become moderate and, finally, disappear completely.It is in cases where the monthly prolonged, with heavy bleeding, the girl should consult a gynecologist.
You can determine if you have heavy menstruation by the following signs: your period continues for more than one week, you have to change tampons quite often and use several pads at a time to prevent leakage, too large blood clots appear, you feel a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, the interval between periods is less than 20 days.

Causes of too heavy menstrual flow

Prolonged profuse bleeding in medicine is called "menorrhagia" and is a pathology. It may be due to various reasons.For example, such as: pathology of the uterus - polyps, myoma, fibroma, endometriosis, cancer; ovarian dysfunction; hormonal failure due to oral contraceptives; taking blood thinners (aspirin); lack of vitamins C, P, K in the body, as well as other important biological elements and minerals responsible for thrombosis; difficult pregnancy or complications after it or childbirth; disease of the liver, thyroid gland or the presence of an intrauterine device.

Treatment of too strong menstrual flow

With the help of blood tests for hormones taken from you, an ultrasound scan and a PAP test, the doctor will be able to determine the cause of your heavy periods and select the right treatment. In most cases, hormone drugs or hormonal oral contraceptives are prescribed - they reduce the amount of menstrual flow due to the content of estrogen and progesterone, if there is endometriosis, they reduce pain and inhibit its growth. Also used anti-inflammatory drugs - ibuprofen.In difficult cases,if the drug method does not give a positive effect, they resort to a surgical intervention - first curettage occurs, then, if necessary, the uterus, appendages and even the cervix are removed.

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