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How to Use a Spider Wrap

Three Methods:

A spider wrap is a handy security device that you can wrap around products to prevent theft. If tampered with, spider wraps sound an alarm. It can be a little tricky to apply a spider wrap, but if you go slow and pay attention to instructions, you can secure your products in the wrap. Make sure to tie spider wraps tightly and keep track of your keys so your products stay safe.


Applying a Spider Wrap

  1. Identify the locking buckle and main housing.A spider wrap has two black circles between the wires known as the main housing and the locking buckle. The locking buckle has a small, square knob sticking out of its top. The main housing has a hole in its center on one side, known as the key pocket. The key pocket is shaped to fit the square knob on the locking buckle.
    • Some spider wraps may have the different parts labeled.
  2. Unlock the cables.Turn the locking buckle sideways. Press the square knob on the end of the locking buckle into the key pocket in the center of the main housing. Press downward and turn the locking buckle clockwise for a quarter of a turn.
  3. Pull out the cables.Once the main housing is unlocked, manually pull out the cables by pulling apart the main housing and locking buckle. Stretch the cables as long as necessary to wrap around the product you're securing.
  4. Align the magnetic key with the locking clip.Your spider wrap comes with a magnetic key that has two small knobs on it. The locking buckle has two holes on one side. Fit the knobs of the key into the holes on the locking buckle.
  5. Pull out the male end of the locking clip.With the key inserted, push on the end of the locking buckle opposite from the knob you used when unlocking the cables. This releases what is known as the "male end" of the locking buckle, which is a small device shaped like a "T." Pull the male end out just slightly from the locking buckle.
  6. Wrap the item in the cables.Remove the key from the locking buckle. Place the product you're locking in the center of the cables, between the locking buckle and main housing. Make sure the cables wrap around all sides of the product and that no cables are twisted or tangled.
  7. Turn the flip up handle clockwise for a quarter turn.The top of the main housing can be flipped upward, creating a small handle. Flip the top upward and then twist the handle clockwise. This will cause the cables to tighten. Keep turning until the cables are wrapped snuggly around the object. Strive to get the cables as tight as you possibly can.
  8. Seal each side of the spider wrap.Flip the handle of the main housing back down. Turn the product over and push the male end of the locking buckle back into the buckle until you hear a click. Your product is now secured in the spider wrap.

Removing a Spider Wrap

  1. Lay the hand key on the locking buckle.Take your hand key. Once again, fit the two knobs in the hand key into the two holes on the center of the locking buckle.
  2. Push until you hear a click.Use gentle force to push the key into the locking buckle. You should eventually hear a click. The male end of the locking buckle will pop out.
  3. Remove the male end from the buckle.Remember, the male end is the t-shaped device that stems from one end of the locking buckle. Pull the male end completely out of the buckle and set it aside for now.
  4. Remove the product from the spider wrap.Once the male end is removed, the wires will loosen. You should be able to easily slip the product out of the spider wrap.
  5. Wind the cables back up.Place the male end back into the locking buckle. Flip the handle on the main housing upwards and twist it clockwise until you can no longer turn the handle. You can then put the spider wrap away until you need to use it again.
  6. Contact the company if you lost your keys.A spider wrap cannot be easily undone without keys. Call the company that made your spider wrap if you lost your keys. They can either send you a replacement or walk you through the process of removing the wrap without the keys.

Using a Spider Wrap Effectively

  1. Make sure your spider wrap is completely tightened.A spider wrap is of no use if it's too loose. Shoplifters can easily slide a product out of a loose spider wrap. Make sure you tighten the wires on your spider wrap as much as possible before putting your product on the shelves.
  2. Teach all your employees how the wraps work.If you're entrusting employees to secure spider wraps, make sure you have a tutorial first. You want to make sure everyone using the wraps can secure them properly.
    • Visual tutorials and live demonstrations can be very helpful when teaching employees how to use a spider wrap. You can also have employees practice securing wraps during training.
  3. Keep track of your keys.A spider wrap can easily be undone if someone gets ahold of the keys. Keep your keys in a secure place, such as a safe. Make sure only trusted employees know where the keys are and how to access them.

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How to Use a Spider Wrap
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