How to use fat creams

You will need
  • - cream;
  • - cosmetic wipes;
  • - terry towel;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - terry socks.
Fat nourishing creams puzzle girls who are accustomed to air emulsions and light gels. However, it is these textures that can help flaky, chapped skin. It is best to apply them in the evening so that the skin is restored during the night's sleep. Choose creams that contain natural oils - cocoa, macedamia, olive, shea and others.
Carefully clean the face and neck, wipe it with a suitable tonic. Apply the cream onto slightly moist skin with massaging movements. Avoid the area around the eyes - an oily structure may be too heavy for them. Beat the cream into the skin by patting the tips of the fingers. Treat the facial contour more actively, acting with the backs of the palms. Wait half an hour and blot the remnants of the product with a towel or a cosmetic towel.Do not go to bed immediately after applying the cream, otherwise in the morning you will find swelling on your face.
To quickly put dry skin in order, give it a healthy color and smooth fine wrinkles, try to make a mask. It is best to impose it while lying in the bath - the effect of the mask will increase. Clean your face, wash with warm water. Apply to the skin a layer of fat cream, top cover it with a terry cloth moistened with hot water and wrung out. Lie down in a warm bath for 20 minutes. From time to time, wet the cloth in hot water and put it back on your face. After the procedure, wipe the skin with a soft tonic, removing the remnants of the cream.
Oily cream can help the skin of the hands. Make a warm bath, blot your hands with a towel and grease them with plenty of cream. Massage your hands and wear cotton gloves. Go to bed - in the morning the skin will become soft, peeling and cracks will disappear. A similar trick can be done with the legs, wearing terry socks instead of gloves. Perform a course of treatments using such nightly compresses for a week.
In the bitter cold fat cream can be used during the day. Apply it on face, gently massage with fingertips.After ten minutes, wipe off any excess cosmetic tissue. Now you can start makeup. Cover your face with foundation and powder - cosmetics will hold perfectly, and the skin will not suffer from the cold.

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