How to visually enlarge a small apartment

Reduce space

Mezzanines embedded in the walls in the hallway eat up your ceiling. Most often they are used to store unnecessary things. Throw away all the extra rubbish, eliminate the mezzanine and start living under the new high ceiling.

A large hanging chandelier, stucco or panels on the ceiling eat space in the apartment. Crystal chandeliers on long chains, stucco and other rich decor are good only for high ceilings and large rooms. In a tiny apartment, they will look overwhelming and emphasize how little space you have.

Carpets in the whole wall not only do not decorate the decor, but also reduce the room. If one of your walls is occupied by a red or maroon canvas, then it absorbs light in an already small room.

"Royal" wallpaper with large damasks, curtains with large flowers, huge sofas. Large items and drawings adorn a room only if it is large. In the small carriage pattern is valid, but small.

Heavy bulky dressers or cabinets. They take up a lot of space and create a feeling of heaviness in the interior. Dark furniture like Romanian walls is not very functional, but it collects dust and occupies a good half of the room. Leave her.

Dark colors of the situation: black, chocolate, dark gray, purple narrow the space and make it oppressive.

Increase volume

Stretch ceiling. Choose not glossy, but matte. They will level any surface and make it infinite.

Flat lamp. With him the ceiling seems higher. They are not accustomed to such lighting - supplement it with a track system with turning lights around the perimeter of the room.

Pastel colors: powdery, pale pink, blue and caramel in the wallpaper, interior details will make the room weightless and wide.

Doors with glass inserts. Do you want light? Let him into the house, hanging light-tight doors with an abundance of glass inserts.

Built-in cabinets and furniture on casters, which can be moved at any time, make the space mobile. A closet to match the walls from floor to ceiling will look like part of the wall.

Light furniture with thin legs, with glass inserts is a great alternative to large wooden tables and heavy bedside tables.

Puffs with convertible top and storage space will replace the chest of drawers and become coffers for small items.

Vacuum bags with valves for pumping out air will help to place even the largest wardrobe in a small closet.

Mirrors Models that imitate windows, even in a narrow dark corridor will create a feeling of spaciousness and access to the big world.

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