How to visually expand the small kitchen

In order for the small-sized kitchen to appear more spacious, cozy and practical, you will need to use a number of design techniques that allow you to create an optical illusion of expanding space.
First of all, you should take care of sufficient lighting of the kitchen: separate pieces of furniture should not block the light from the window, tulle and curtains are recommended to use light and light, creating a sense of space filled with air. Glossy facades of furniture will help to reflect the natural light, create the illusion of space. In addition, it is recommended to use additional spot lighting of the working and dining areas. If the kitchen uses a suspended ceiling, the placement of LED lamps in its niches will create a feeling of higher walls.
When finishing walls, ceilings and choosing furniture, preference should be given to light cool colors.Strict graceful forms of furniture, medium-sized pattern, glossy tile laid diagonally, glass or mirrored doors of wall cabinets and shelves - these details allow the eye to glide away without lingering on anything and contribute to creating the illusion of a freer and more spacious room.
If the small kitchen is equipped with an exhaust hood, you can achieve a visual increase in space due to the doors removed. Separating the kitchen from the residential area of ​​the apartment takes place with the help of light curtains with a small or vertical pattern, bamboo curtains or sliding doors.
When arranging furniture, it is important to remember that the best solution for a miniature kitchen is built-in appliances and modular furniture with pull-out, draw-out and turntable drawers and shelves. If there is no access to the balcony in this room, the entire window sill can be used as an additional work surface. A sink, a stove and a washing machine are best combined with a single tabletop - this technique creates the effect of perspective and the illusion of more space free from details.
A good solution for a miniature kitchen is a retractable or folding worktop instead of a dining table.If this option is not suitable for any reason, it is recommended to choose a table of a round or oval shape, with a glass surface, on thin legs. Solid rectangular or square furniture looks too bulky in small rooms. Chairs can be either folding, or of such a height that they can be easily pushed under the table.
It is advisable to replace a large number of small household appliances with multi-functional appliances: a food processor, for example, is a worthy alternative to a mixer, a blender and a juicer; Worktops free from clutter of kitchen appliances contribute to the visual expansion of the space of a small room.

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