How to wean the kid from the habit of biting his nails

Most often, the habit of gnawing nails and a stressful situation accompany each other. The child unconsciously puts his hands in his mouth to calm down and get rid of anxiety. The task of the parents is to observe situations that cause the child to be anxious, as well as those moments when he begins to bite his nails. A child may bite his nails during feelings of anger, because he is not able to cope with his negative emotions on his own. Many children do this when they feel fear and anxiety. The task of parents in identifying the child's habits of dragging hands in his mouth - in any case, do not chastise him for these actions. Your negative reaction may scare the baby, and he will hide from you, withdrawing into himself.
Approach the child, sitting him in front of you, and try to explain to him in a calm tone that nail biting is bad and ugly. The fact that he can get sick, as under the nails contains a lot of dangerous bacteria.And also explain to the kid that if something is bothering him, he can easily come up to you and tell you about any problem, you will always be happy to help him in everything.
Never beat a child by the hand, much less punish him for chewing on his nails. The best way to disaccustom him from this habit will be a role-playing game in which fairy-tale characters always wash their hands with soap and water before eating and never bite their nails. Design a cognitive game in which the child will take part, thereby inculcating in him the usual norms of behavior. Distract the child through exciting activities, leaving him no time for stress and bad mood.
From an early age, teach your child to take care of your nails, wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet, briefly trim the child’s nails and explain to him why you are doing this.

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