How to wear a scarf for men

You will need
One of the most common male ways to wearscarfa - classic sketching. Just wrapscarfaround the neck, then throw one endscarfand on the shoulder, and leave the second to hang.
Man can wearscarfin a way called the “Paris knot”. Foldscarfin half, then wrap around the neck, stick the endsscarfand in the resulting “loop” and tighten.
So wear a <strong> scarf </ strong> in Parisian manner
You can just throwscarfaround the neck a few times and tighten up. Warm and beautiful.
For the most courageous - the traditional way. Just flipscarfaround the neck.
Experiment with your image with <strong> scarf </ strong>
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Before you choose a scarf, do not forget to make sure that it is in harmony with the rest of the chosen clothes.
Helpful advice
A scarf that fits perfectly to any clothes and any image is gray cashmere. You can't go wrong.

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