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Why dream of a whale? This large and powerful sea animal can promise protection and patronage in real life, and can be a harbinger of tragedies and catastrophes. What determines the interpretation of night visions with an ocean dweller, will be prompted by well-known interpreters of dreams.

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Why dream of a whale
Why dream of a whale

Female dream book

To see in a dream a whale swimming to the ship means confusion in the soul. You have to make a difficult choice. A ship inverted by a sea giant warns against an accident or theft. Seeing a whaler, aptly stabbing a harpoon, means that you will achieve your desired goal.

Old Russian dream book

Why dream of a whale? The whale that appeared in dreams marks a great profit and a rich life.

French dream book

In a dream, a whale tells you that in real life you will suddenly have a benefactor and will solve many problems with his help. To see a dead animal on the shore - to the closest misfortune.

Dream Dream

The appearance of a whale in a dream foreshadows spiritual and mystical discoveries.If he swallowed you, then you will be under the protection of Providence. Watch whales frolicking in the ocean - for an unexpected pleasant journey to distant countries.

Children's dream book

According to this dream book, the whale dreams of unexpected changes in life caused by mystical and mysterious circumstances.

The newest dream book

The whale, seen, prophesies the receipt of the inheritance, and the whales playing at sea are a crazed romance.

Denise Lynn

To dream of a whale says that intuition will help you in achieving your goal. Your instincts will tell you how to act in a difficult situation. Also, a dream may hint that your task is to take the path of development of inner strength.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Keith dreams about big profitable acquisitions. The hunt for these animals - to celebrate the wedding. And if the whale turned your ship, then you will become a member of the love triangle.

Dream Dream Thelomena

A white whale appeared in a dream, reports that you are the chosen one of fortune. Such an animal may still hint at the wedding in the near future. His blue brother foreshadows familiarity with a very unusual, extraordinary man. For young women, seeing a whale in their dreams is a quick pregnancy, which will pass easily, and the birth will be completed successfully.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

If a person admired a whale, it means that large projects are waiting for him, so large-scale that they seem very heavy. The dreamer will master such a serious matter or not, he decides for himself. But in case of failure, there is a great chance to remain bankrupt. But the successful ending will bring amazing dividends.

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