Ice Cream Cocktails: Refreshing Recipes

Banana colada

Banana colada
Photo: Dmitry Bayrak / dbstudio

Cooking time:10 minutes.

Calorie:300 kcal in 1 portion.

For 4 servings:4 ripe bananas, 250 g vanilla ice cream, 2 tbsp. l coconut cream, 0.5 liters of pineapple juice.

We clean the bananas, cut and chop the blender into a smooth mashed potatoes. Then we combine banana puree with vanilla ice cream, thick coconut cream, iced pineapple juice and all together beat with a mixer at high speed until a fluffy homogeneous mixture. If there is no coconut cream, then we take the most fatty ice cream, i.e. ice cream, and instead of juice you can use canned pineapples chopped in a blender (with syrup).

We pour the resulting drink in glasses and immediately serve to the table. The edge of the glass can be decorated with a maraschino cherry, a slice of banana and a paper umbrella for a cocktail.

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