Ideas for creating embroidered knitted clothes

Posted by: Людмила

Ideas at the junction of a technician are always interesting and original. Therefore, I, as a person who is very knitting and sewing a little, cannot go past this topic and will also bring in my little contribution! After all, in addition to decorating the strict classical items with hand lace, to give them originality, you can “kill” just one more “rabbit” at once - this is the repair of your favorite things that, it would seem, are no longer subject to recovery.

Little black dress - always true! And if it is also finished with a beautiful lace! The photo shows the lace, though beautiful, but factory-made, stamped. But after all, the Real Needlewoman does not interfere with making her own, unique!

Black dress with black lace is equally impressive!

Or in such an interpretation.

But I really liked this model for its originality! Very catchy. Bravo to the designer!

Here, too, probably a combination of knitwear (already factory-made) with handmade lace.

In this product, the trim is not knitted, but I immediately wanted to make the same top with trim in a knitted lace shoe technique!

... and the light movement of the hook, the usual T-shirt turns ....

... turns into a collector's item!

And one more collection T-shirt! A round coquette will go very well to ladies with tall shoulders and a long neck.

And this product will emphasize a slim waist.

This is a page from the favorite magazine "Doublet". And again, bravo master!

And finally - an extraordinary beauty dresses "haute couture" with inserts of hand lace.

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