Ideas for patchwork

Ideas for clothing and accessories using patchwork

Thanks to a long search for applications of technology, designers have discovered for themselves the patchwork technique. So, for those who can and love to sew or knit, this will become a doubly enjoyable exercise, because original cloth can be made from cloth scraps. It can be an amazing skirt, a cape and even a winter jacket!



Among other things, for the tailoring of such clothing, many prefer to use the remnants of old jeans. They add originality to such things.

Fashionable ideas for patchwork touched and accessories. So, many women of fashion prefer handmade bags made in this way. The bag knitted or sewn from shreds of fabric will give freshness and youth to the image of each woman.


Ideas for patchwork photo


In addition, old accessories, such as a cosmetic bag, a case for a phone or glasses, can be played in a completely different way in your new "dress."

In general, patchwork for beginners is the technique with which you can do literally everything that your own imagination allows you to do. One has only to look around and think about which of the usual things have become boring and require their appearance to acquire new colors. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and to turn even the craziest fantasies into reality.

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