If you do not have a car ...

If you do not have a car ...Carsharing is a short-term per-minute car rental, which enjoys well-deserved success in the countries of the Old and New Worlds.

Breakthrough Carsharing

The comfort of a single person depends on many amenities. Convenience of movement - one of the main. Personal car is really needed for trips to visit or for groceries. But, given the size of the population and the mega-cities traffic flow, it is not very convenient to use. In the middle of the last century, the Swiss company, taking care of its employees, provided several cars for rent to employees. Later, they tried to put this experience on a commercial basis. Weak technical capabilities contributed to the collapse of the undertaking. With the development of electronics, GPS navigation, protective devices and electronic maps, car sharing has become a profitable enterprise. Services in the field of short-term rental cars provide both large companies with offices in different countries, and small, providing the comfort of their employees. If you do not have a car ...
So, if you do not have a car, there are no problems, as such, either.And all this - thanks to the new Moscow service - car rental in Moscow without collateral. A trip within the Third Ring Road is possible for all motorists aged 21 and older with an experience in category “B” from two years.

The cost of renting a car is 8.9 rubles / min, the tariff for a car in the “standby mode” is one and a half rubles. Time within 20 minutes from the moment of reservation is free of charge.

The procedure for using the car is extremely simple. The nearest free car is easy to find on the mobile application map. Before the trip, it is necessary to visually check the external and internal condition of the car, the level of fuel in the tank, the availability of documents for the vehicle and fuel card.

Refueling is done as needed, and the time spent at the gas station is returned by free minutes on the next trip. After completing the trip, the car is parked in any permitted place.

How to become a customer service

Registration on delimobil.ru includes sending scans of a driver's license and passport data. After registration, a generated password to the personal account is issued.Then, after checking the data, the contract is signed in the office of Delimobil or Financial Standard Bank, you can also use the services of a courier.

Install an Android or iOS application, attach a payment card, change the generated password to a convenient one. Here, in fact, that's all, Full user.

First results

About a month ago, on September 10, a pilot car rental project was launched in Moscow. Mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin and Italian Ambassador to Russia Cesare Maria Ragalini have introduced a new service for Muscovites, using successful international experience. The system operator was Delimobil.

In its work, Moscow karshering used cars Hundai Solaris, convenient for family trips. In the future, it is planned to supplement the fleet with other brands, as well as to increase its number from one hundred to five hundred units.

Unusual transport service attracted the attention of citizens. For 4 weeks, the user base recruited 22 thousand people. The cost of travel averaged 225 rubles, the duration - 45 minutes. A comparative analysis of the efficiency and cost of per-minute rent and taxi services, obviously, in favor of the first.

During the month, the company carefully listened to all the comments and wishes of its first customers, optimizing the entire rental process. The participants mainly expressed their wishes for expanding the territory of this service outside the Moscow Ring Road.

In accordance with the wishes of customers, the company holds point and weekend promotions with trips within the Moscow Ring Road. In this case, you can start and finish the trip 500 meters from the metro station.

The use of cars assembled in Russia has a positive effect on the development of the domestic automotive industry. Obvious advantages of per-minute rent there are for the city: a decrease in the intensity of the traffic flow and a decrease in the number of cars, which means improving the environment and our health.

Promising prospects

Personal car is used quite rarely, while the costs of it are needed constantly. Carsharing becomes a convenient alternative, combining the advantages of a personal car and the absence of the cost of maintaining it.

Insurance, maintenance, costly repairs become unnecessary and release a decent monetary potential.

Car rental is becoming popular and familiar. According to statistics, car sharing users sell a private car or postpone the purchase of a new car.

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