If you touch these paper figures, they suddenly come to life!

Technique kirigami (kirigami) is not so widely known. Unlike the popular Japanese art of origami, it uses not only the methods of figured bending of paper, but also drawing cuts on it. Japanese artist Haruki Nakamura () drew attention to the forgotten type of art and creates animal figurines that come to life after touching them. Quite unexpected things happen as a result of interaction with the composition ...

Each fancy doll, most of which depict animals, after the action of man seriously changes its appearance. You just need to push the figure, or click on it in a certain place - and the transformation will begin! Some figures take off their masks, others fold into a ball.

The artist sells his paper dolls in his own, where you can immediately see how each works.Works of the master can be used as inspiration, trying to make your own figures in the technique of kigirami.

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