Incredibly beautiful bed of old logs - the original decoration of the site

If you have old logs in the country house or somewhere in the area left over from sawed trees, rather take them and carry them to the site. They can be turned into something very interesting and beautiful, namely - in an extraordinary flower bed!

For work you will need:

  • log;
  • chainsaw;
  • soil and seedlings of flowers;
  • chisel and mallet;
  • film and expanded clay;
  • scissors.

1. Work begins with sanding the log with chisels and mallets.

2. After that, the upper part (about a quarter) should be cut with a chainsaw. Then make the transverse grooves in the third, to remove the excess part.

3. The film is laid inside, expanded clay is poured and the soil is poured. At the end, a flower sprout is planted.

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