Installation is what?

installation isInstallation is a kind of art in which the creator creates a spatial composition from various details, for example, natural elements, household and industrial products, textual information and other materials. Such a composition is a non-standard combination of ordinary things and, often, has a certain social, rebellious or other symbolic meaning.

The ancestors of the art of the installation are the Dadaists Marcel Duchamp and the Surrealists. The word "installation" comes from the English "to install", which in translation means "install" or "installation", which means installation, installation. We advise you to read - a valentine with your own hands.



This, in essence, describes the process of creating an installation, which is composed of a set of individual elements, mounted, not drawn or written.


Photo installation


Creating the installations, the artists pursue the goal of drawing the attention of the viewer to other facets of everyday things, making it necessary to find a new meaning in the most familiar, for example, a fork or a door handle.

And, having looked at the usual thing from a different angle, the viewer will open the message of the artist, the message, with the important information that he wants to convey to people: it can be an attempt to draw attention to the current world problem, social needs, tragic events ...




Attitude to this genre of art in the world is ambiguous, and often even contradictory. Other installations are simply impossible to characterize as a work of art and, at best, they cause bewilderment, at worst - disgust. Not always people can discover for themselves the promise that the artist has put into the creation. But, in fairness, I must say that not every artist leaves this promise, some are just trying to attract attention in such a non-standard outrageous way.


Installing the chair


Separate installations are really interesting and worthy of attention.Such works can cause a whole storm of emotions, leave an indelible enthusiastic impression on the viewer, make you see things as he did not imagine them before.


Installation of the toy


This effect is also achieved due to the fact that the installation is a three-dimensional object, more familiar to the human eye than the two-dimensional space of the picture. The installation has more materiality, because it has a large set of tools to influence the feelings and emotions of a person.



What is the essence of the installation? Everything is quite simple - it is necessary to find the hidden meaning of each element, each thing. The installation is designed to demonstrate to a person how multifaceted the objects that surround him are, how many hidden features in them, how many unexpected faces are hidden in them.


Installing snail photo


Adherents of the installation are able to find art in everything, because the installation is not just something flashy, causing and attracting attention to themselves in all ways.A feature of this art is the ability to show that every object in the world is beautiful and unique in its own way, every thing ever created has a special meaning.


Installation with a fan


The installation principle is a constant search for the essence of things and the characters hidden in them. This art offers the creator and the viewer to become these things, penetrate into them, live their lives, understand them from the inside, hear their thoughts, understand their character and essence.




This opens up another feature of this genre - each person finds his own meaning in a single thing. For each individual, installations will have their own symbolism. This makes creations unrepeatable in their own way.




Through the shape of the object, its color, volume, texture can plunge into its essence. Using ordinary materials, the installers give them new color or new form, put accents and thus try to give the subject the necessary meaning, which the viewer must find and understand.

Nowadays, the installation has a variety of forms.The most popular is sculpture. Separate installations are selected very close to the sculpture, but, unlike the latter, they are not sculpted, but assembled from various materials of industrial or natural origin.


Installation Sculpture


The founders of the installation are considered surrealists, the most famous of which is, of course, Salvador Dali. His installations were notable for magnificence, shocking and made an unforgettable impression. Creativity of the master to this day is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a great number of installers around the world.

Installations create from everything in the world: from clay, televisions, wood vines, stone blocks. You can find installations with antique details. Here, the material is not so important as the flight of thought, associativity and richness of the creator’s fantasy.


Installing a TV photo


Not so long ago, for example, the work of Tracy Emin, an English artist, was sold at Christie’s auction. Her creation is an untidy bed made up of rubbish and rubbish lying around.And in the northern capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, on Zayachy Island, there is an installation by the sculptor Florentin Hofman - a huge hare resting on the grass.



Many modern installations can be characterized as harmonious and aesthetic, not all creations of this genre are provocative.




With the development of modern technologies, this type of installation has appeared, such as video installation or video art, which also occupies its niche in contemporary art. The installation fits well into the classical architecture. And she received the most complete expression in the directions of minimalism and postmodern, which are so well combined with the essence of the genre.


Installing the clock photo


The art of the installation can be compared with pizza: it is suitable for everything that is at hand, but it does not necessarily require cheese and tomatoes, it is inherent in more freedom than the Italian dish.




Despite the fact that the last 15-20 years, this universal and capacious art genre takes our rightful place in us, the installation does not receive special distribution,since it has a non-commercial character. The authors of most of the papers presented in this article are Regina and Ildar Arslanovs of Ufa.

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