Interesting contests and fun games on March 8

Eat well, get presents and hear nice words. Here are the main tasks that we perform on March 8. But you can spend it much more interesting and unusual. To do this, you need to take the difficult responsibilities of the organizer into your own hands, and believe me, you will be able to meet March 8 in a completely different way.

Competitions and games on March 8 for children and adults can turn a traditional holiday into an exciting and unforgettable event. The holiday should be fun, otherwise you just don’t remember it in a couple of days.

Just think, absolutely any holiday is personal, for example, a birthday, or a state one, we celebrate one banal scenario. We prepare a large amount of food, buy the same amount of alcohol, as a result, to the loud cries of music playing on the radio, we all successfully drink and eat.

The next day, we have neither good mood nor pleasant memories. Naturally, there is a desire to make adjustments in the conduct of traditional holidays and finally come off in full.

On March 8, in addition to the standard admiration of all the representatives of the weaker sex, there is a large variety of banquets, dinners and parties. They are your chance to show the face of talent of the holiday organizer that has not yet been revealed. By the way, a successful corporate event at work can give quite a few bonuses. Still, it's so nice when everyone starts to look at you not as a nondescript employee, but as a real star.

Moreover, since childhood, our children are taught that on March 8, we must congratulate all women, especially mothers and teachers. It would not be bad if the little men were told that on this day, and indeed you should always be grateful to nice and kind girls.

Anyway, on March 8, children's concerts and holidays are held, so in order for the event to take place without sacrifices, you need to entertain restless kids with something, for this you will need contests and games for March 8.

For kids

Before you start coming up with a program of activities and competitions for kids, you must prepare prizes. Without them, children will not participate in the competition, and if you force them and in case of victory you don’t give anything up, be prepared to listen to a large number of tantrums.It is not necessary to give expensive souvenirs. Chocolates, fruits and small toys will be able to please the kids and not much empty your wallet.

Spend on March 8 for kids competition of a little artist. Give the children a task to draw a picture or a postcard naturally on the topic of March 8. Tell me the guys have enough time. Your task is to prepare in advance the paper, paint and all other tools of the artist. Let the kids draw eights, flowers, spring and anything else. You can invite children to paint a portrait of their mother.

Only boys can participate in the contest of funny flowers. For its conduct, you must scatter in the room (on the floor, tables, chairs, shelves), different in the shade of flowers. They should be bright, solid color. How many flowers, so many participants. The task of the boys in one minute to find as many colors as possible of a certain shade. Whoever collects the most, he gets the title of the winner and the most attentive and nimble boy.

March 8 for us is considered the day when we congratulate the mother. Type two teams of four children. Pre-print the words of the children's song about mommy.Give the kids texts and microphones, turn on the soundtrack and let each of the teams sing their hit. The winner is determined by other guests of the holiday.

For adults

At corporate party in honor of March 8, you have a chance to show other facets of your character. Even if you already have a “toastmaster” in your team, no one bothers you to approach her and offer a couple of your contests. And do not forget that on holidays you must be active and participate in the competitive program.

Do not be shy and do not be afraid that someone will think badly about you, the holiday is created for rest, so that you should not limit yourself in something. But all the same, it's better to prepare in advance mentally for slightly vulgar competitions, without them on adult corporations anywhere. Perceive everything from a humorous point of view, and of course, be ready for different jokes colleagues the next day.

An interesting competition for March 8 for adults will be the “search for the second half”. Active girls are blindfolded and placed in the center. Around them should be a large number of men (it is important that not only the main beauties and beauties of the office participated, but to put it mildly, those people who are rarely noticed or even disliked).

This will give a highlight to the competition.At the signal, all the guys begin to move erratically to the music, and the task of the young ladies is to catch their chosen one. Who got her, so she must participate in at least one of the next pair competition. Believe me, it’s very funny to watch the reaction of a sexy secretary who wanted to get a boss, but ended up with a modest accountant with glasses.

Spicy competition on March 8 can be considered "Parts of the body." As you remember, without vulgar contests anywhere on the festival for adults. The presenter on the stickers writes the letters of the alphabet and puts them in a closed box. Participants must create a pair, of course, that of a guy and a girl. In turn, they pull out a piece of paper with the task and perform it.

The essence of the task is that with the letter that is indicated there, you must name a part of the human body and then, without using your hands, and doing everything exclusively with your lips and face, attach a piece of paper to this place and hold it in this position for 30 seconds. There are at least 5 rounds in the game and if the same letter falls out, then it should be fixed only in a new place. As you understand the letter "p" or "c" should appear in the box much more often than the others.

On March 8, in the contest, women can make male colleagues feel like women of the weaker sex. To do this, you have to dress men in women's clothes, shoes, and naturally apply makeup. You can even fasten overhead tummies on men to imitate pregnancy and give them heavy bags. The most realistic character wins.

On Women's Day, you must identify the strongest man in the team. To do this, you must ask colleagues to bare your torso (for entertainment) and ask them to wring out from the floor. Whoever does this more than once will receive a prize in the form of kisses from all the women present.

Another contest that you can use at the party in honor of March 8 is “my ideal”. Participants are given a large sheet of paper and markers. Their task is to draw the shape and face of the ideal, in their opinion, of the opposite sex. Believe me, you have not yet seen such masterpieces of fine art.

You can test men for dexterity with the help of the contest "Cute Dad." To do this you need to take a couple of dolls and diapers. Whoever swaddles the baby quickly, he won. Only bachelors participate in it.

It is not necessary to act as a duty clown in honor of March 8. Participation in two or three competitions will be enough. Spend the rest of your time just chatting, dancing and eating delicious cocktails and snacks. Be sure to at the festival, you should be beautifully dressed and be in a great mood.

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