Interesting features of French cosmetics

How many expectations and temptations are contained in the simple phrase “French cosmetics”. Literally some 30 years ago, our mothers would give a lot to get the coveted bottle of French perfume or the simplest, but French lipstick for the holiday. And our grandmothers did not even know about the existence of such!

In our markets in the public domain, it appeared relatively recently, but managed to firmly establish itself as cosmetics with the best reputation. Fancy perfume bottles, elegant mascara tubes, palettes with a wide variety of colors, as well as brands whose names have global significance.

The immense popularity and unlimited confidence in the cosmetics of French brands is not just successful advertising and proper promotion of products on the market. This is a long-term and hard work of thousands of French experts, dermatologists, cosmetologists and other professionals who work tirelessly to create the newest tools in the world of cosmetology.

All the innovations and discoveries, in the first place, you can find it in French cosmetics, which, in fact, is its main advantage. Every year the beauty and health formulas are improved, the design and capabilities are updated, I want to try everything and experience the miraculous effect of transformation declared by French manufacturers.

Such a different French cosmetics

If you decide to switch to the manufacturer of the country of love, romance and fashion, then you will have something to think about, because there is literally no end to the variety and range of brands of French cosmetics!

Of course, there are the most popular, with which, probably, the majority associates French cosmetics, and they may differ, depending on the lifestyle and well-being of a particular lady. Yes, perhaps, the only drawback of such cosmetics is its relatively high price, naturally, this does not apply to mass-market products, and such in France, as elsewhere, suffices.

If we talk about professional and exclusive brands, inaccessibility also plays a role: some brands produce their products in limited editions, while it can only be purchased in France in small shops.

Cosmetic products of this country offer an incredibly wide choice, as means for skin care and hair, as well as perfumery and, of course, decorative cosmetics.

By the way, the indigenous French women themselves, almost at the genetic level, have the ability to choose quality and correct cosmetics that will be able to emphasize its dignity and eliminate existing shortcomings.

These ladies can practically not use decorative cosmetics, but every possible formulations for skin care and, of course, perfumes - these are the number one items, from which the toilet tables and the dressing-gowns of true French women are bursting.

It is very important for them, as long as possible, to preserve the natural beauty and youth of their bodies, which means that most of the cosmetics of French manufacturers are aimed at this.

Economy class

The most affordable and occupying the lion's share of the beauty market is cosmetics of the mass market class, which can be bought almost everywhere, at the same time at a very democratic price.

In addition to the last advantage, this line has a number of pluses: first, most brands are subsidiaries of the most famous companies that develop and manufacture luxury products.

And this means that all innovative developments and studies literally in a few years begin to be used already when creating products from the mass market.

Secondly, due to fairly affordable prices, such cosmetics from France can be purchased without fear of running into a fake, since it is simply not profitable for fraudsters to fake it. Well, thirdly, in the collections of such brands you can find almost everything you need for daily care.

However, it is worth noting that it is not worth waiting for the colossal effect of such funds, basically a reasonable price-quality relationship is pursued here. The most popular brands of this line are L’Oreal Paris, Defi Paris, Garnier, Bourjois.

There are also personalized French cosmetics of the mass market, which is distinguished by direct sales, as well as a special composition, the most famous of them is Yves Rocher. It differs from the others in that its manufacturers focus on the naturalness of the composition through the use of plant and natural ingredients.

Professional approach

Professional French cosmetics, which are practically not used at home, but only used in cosmetology clinics or beauty salons, are highlighted in a separate line.

There are also a number of professional tools that are used at home, after carrying out cosmetic procedures, in order to maintain the effect achieved. Using such cosmetics, it is extremely important to choose those creams and other drugs that are most suitable for a person, based on his individual characteristics.

If done correctly, they will achieve amazing effects that not only eliminate external shortcomings, but also affect the deep processes of regeneration and recovery.

French luxury

Perhaps the most famous, a kind of classic of French cosmetics, is luxury products, the best of the best, where you can find everything that interests you, ranging from exquisite decorative cosmetics to anti-aging programs.

This is really expensive, elite products, which not everyone can afford. Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani - for sure, you have heard these names, even if you have never used their products.

Choosing the means of such brands, you must very carefully approach the process of buying: it should be purchased only in proven, specialized and large stores to avoid counterfeiting.Because of the expensive cost, the products of these brands are often forged, sold for the same money as the originals, and, as a result, do not bring the proper result.

The original cosmetics of these brands always goes perfectly, it is resistant, does not cause allergies and, of course, significantly improves the beauty and youth of your skin or hair.

Luxury cosmetics are the choice of the French women themselves, who once again save on clothes or other desires, but they will surely pamper their face with the best creams or get perfumes from the most famous brands that can reveal their individuality to the full. Who knows, maybe this is the mystery of the charm and dazzling chic of French women.

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