Interroom door for the house - the art of choice

What qualities should have a door for the bathroom or kitchen, and what material and style will look better when choosing doors to the nursery? In fact, these questions reflect the constant need to choose between what you like and what is practical.

However, no one canceled the triumph of the rule of the "golden mean". After all, the variety that the modern market offers, can solve any problem of choice. can combine both high practical qualities and an aesthetic component. We will see this very soon.

interior doors

Doors for the kitchen

Kitchen doors

So, let's start with our kitchen. What makes it so interesting? The fact that there we prepare delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. And the kitchen is a rather wet room. Thus, when choosing doors for the kitchen, you should consider the factor of high humidity, as well as the need to preserve the style of the room,his cosiness and positive attitude, if you like.

And now in order. Interroom door for the kitchen must have moisture resistance. For this purpose, it is recommended to give preference to such materials as:

  • MDF;
  • glass;
  • veneer;
  • laminate.

MDF and glass in this case - is the material of the door leaf, and veneer and laminate - exterior finish. Finishing is most important, because it is responsible for the moisture resistance of the entire structure.

If we talk about the style of the kitchen interior, then everything depends on the color of the room. It is usually recommended to choose a door according to the color of the floor. Or neutral pitch.

Doors for the bathroom

A bathroom is a bathroom and a toilet, as you know. There is also increased humidity here, and the need to take this factor into account is as great as in the case of the kitchen. Even more.

In this case, even the material of the door leaf is not so important. In the foreground is the finish. It should be a monolith that protects any moisture that is not resistant to moisture, tree material. Therefore, we will recommend such door trim options for the bathroom as:

  • PVC;
  • veneer;
  • eco-leaf.

doors for the bathroom

In addition, glass doors are perfect, as well as plastic and aluminum products, because this material is not completely afraid of moisture.

Designers recommend installing doors of the same color for the bathroom and toilet, in order to eliminate dissonance. Also, the color should match the overall color of the room and the corridor.

Doors for nursery, bedroom, guest

children's room doors

In principle, here we have in mind the door for any other room in the living space of the apartment. And here comes to the fore the decorative component. It is desirable to choose material more status, natural, eco-friendly. These include:

  • tree array;
  • MDF;
  • veneer.

As we already know, veneer is a covering. To date, perhaps the best. MDF, veneered, may not look much worse than a natural wooden array. The array is the height of prestige and aesthetics, because its natural natural pattern and the smell of the forest are difficult to compare with anything.

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